About Me

I live in Wakefield, after moving from my home-town of Bolton. I have a keen interest in computers and technology, particularly networking and programming. My hobbies and interests include football (both playing and watching), astronomy, and some cycling (when I get chance). I also enjoy reading a variety of books, cartography, and astronomy.

For many years, I’ve maintained a strong interest in Free Software, and other projects around freedom, such as Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap.

Some of my thoughts and experiences on swimming. I used to be a regular swimmer for Bolton Swimming Club when I was younger.

I maintain a collection of books that I’ve read on this page.


I also maintain a website detailing releases of upcoming television shows to DVD and Blu-ray. You can find it at tvshowreleases.co.uk. Updates are usually made three or four times a week.

One of the biggest projects I have worked on resides at learngtk.org. The site contains a programming tutorial for PyGTK, and a huge number of examples.

To see the best of the content available in the Public Domain, view publicdomainstuff.net.

Free Information and Free Software

I enjoy contributing to a number of free information and data projects, such as Wikipedia (My Profile) and OpenStreetMap (My Profile / More Info).

I also occasionally develop search provider plugins for Firefox. You can find more information on how to help, and those which I’ve created/updated on this page.

You can also view my profile at Stack Overflow.

Another site I contribute to is themoviedb.org, where my profile and list of films I own can be found.

SysAdmin Guides

I’m beginning a collection of tutorials on system administration tasks ranging from easy to difficult. Typically, they’re the kind of implementations seen in the enterprise.

You can find them located on the SysAdmin Guides wiki.

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