Defunct Trance Record Labels

2 Play Records

2 Play Records began in 1996 as a sub-label of BPM Dance, before moving under the Spinnin’ Records umbrella in 2003. It features a number of popular artists such as Fred Baker, Leon Bolier, and Sied van Riel; with a specialisation in tech-trance.

90 Degrees North

Hard Trance label 90 Degrees North was a sub-label of Bulletproof begun in 2002 and running for three years. Marcos appeared several times along with his alias Musikman, as did JS:Ten. A total of twenty one releases were made on the label.

Addictive Global

Addictive Global was formed in 2008, but lasted only until mid-2009. The opening release featured Anguilla Project – Addictive Global EP with Paul Allen featuring three releases. In total, the label received only eight releases.


ATCR was started in mid-1998 and featured a number of well known artists including Rapid Eye, Pulser, and Ronski Speed. It provided a mix of styles from progressive to hard trance. Re-releases and new remixes of some ATCR records have since been released as the catalogue was bought out by ARVA.

Baker Street Records

Begun in 2006 by Fred Baker, Baker Street Records featuring released primarily from Fred including his album combo Never Forget / Hollywood Fairytales from 2008. Greg Nash – First EP is a good release as is the Sensation Anthem 2006 “Forever Friends”.

Big Star Records

Danish trance label Big Star Records was started in 1999, before becoming defunct in 2014. A number of high profile releases were made including Plummet – Damaged and Schiller – Das Glockenspiel. Ferry Corsten’s alter ego System F also featured a number of times.


Bostich became defunct in 2005 after only two years, but managed to release some fantastic tracks in the short time. Aegan – Debris contained two fantastic mixes and M.I.D.O.R. & Six4Eight vs 2XLC – Beyond Earth was arguably the best release made.


Beginning in 2007 after changing its name from Breeze Records, Breathemusic ran through to 2015. The label has been home to Talla 2XLC and André Visior. The sub-label of Breathemusic Digital featured only two releases in 2008.


Bulletproof dates back to 2000 and was home to releases from artists such as DuMonde and Fallout Boy. Specialising in hard dance with some trance influences from remixes, the label was parent of 90 Degrees North.

Captivating Sounds

Starting in 2000, Captivating Sounds ran through until 2014 when it was bought by Armada and rebranded to Armada Captivating. Some of the early works are the best known including OceanLab – Clear Blue Water and Warrior – Warrior.

Club Elite

Run by Mike Dierickx, commonly known as M.I.K.E., Club Elite ran between 2003 and 2010. Operating under Armada, the label leaned more to the progressive side of trance. Solarium – Venice Under Water is a rather good release as is Albert Vorne – Formentera What.

Coldharbour Recordings Red

Coldharbour Recordings Red was a sublabel of Coldhabour Recordings, and provided digital only releases. It operated between 2007 and 2012 and featured forty-four releases from popular artists such as Skytech, Rex Mundi, and tyDi.

Colorful Recordings

Based out of Cyprus, Colorful started rather late in 2007 and released regularly until 2012, with a final release in 2014. Although it didn’t feature the most well known of artists, it produced some good released including Conrad S – Apologies and Paul Miller – En Route.

Conspiracy Recordings

Run from Nottingham after being started in 2005 by Jon O’Bir and Robert Stevenson, the label ran for just four years. A number of good solid releases were made including Dark Territory – Mass Consumption, NR:32 – LMY, and Underwater – Imagine Me plus its four remixes.

Create Records

A part of Cloud 9 Dance, Create started in 2007. It lasted for around one year with a total of seven releases. Digital Nature & Onova – Inspiration is arguably the best release with Misja Helsloot featuring three times.

Darey Products LTD

Darey Products LTD was a label owned and run by Matt Darey, and operated during the mid-2000s. The label was primarily a stage for Darey’s own productions with some well-known releases including Li Kwan – Point Zero 2004, Adam White feat. Martin Grech – Ballerina, and Matt Darey feat. Izzy – Eternity.


Another of the larger labels listed here and popular after its start in 2003. Featuring artists such as Armin van Buuren, Riva, Jochen Miller, and Salt Lake, the label ended in 2010. Octagen’s 2004 remix of Palanya – Emotional Overload is a truly overlooked track. The Mark Norman mix of Salt Lake – Sunset Highway is also a masterpiece.


Difuse was home to a number of hard trance artists including Dave Joy, Phil Green, Coldware, and Alex Bartlett. The Nu NRG Remix of FX Zone – Synthasia which was released in 2003 is fairly well known.

Digital Remedy

Hard and tech-trance label Digital Remedy was based in the UK and falls under the RecoverWorld umbrella. Starting in 2006 by Lee Haslam, the label featured a number of his releases in the early days before branching to other artists. Michael Dow also saw several releases on the label.

Elevation Records

Home of releases from Oceanforce (Kevin Meade – the owner of the label) and Factoria, Elevation ran from 2002 to 2007. Factoria – A Legends Legacy was fairly well received upon release in 2004.


ATCR sub-label E-TCR has now also become defunct after two years of operation in 2005 and 2006. Focusing on digital releases, the label released good tracks though lacked anything truly remarkable. The mix compilation The Thrillseekers – Nightmusic Volume 1 was first release on the label however.

Eve Records

Eve Records was started in 1995 by Simon Eve. The early releases were a showcase for Pablo Gargano before other artists were added from 1998 onwards. Being under the RecoverWorld umbrella, it features a number of artists that have appeared on Discover including John Askew and K90.

F&W Records

Lars Frederiksen and Søren Weile started F&W Records in 2003 as a hard trance label in Denmark. A number of well known hard trance artists appeared including Michael Splint, DJ Choose, and ATN. The most well known track F&W – You Will Understand was released in 2003 as the first release.

Fenology Records

In 2003, German trance label Fenology was setup by Woody van Eyden, and ran until 2015. Woody van Eyden used the label for his own released, but other artists appeared regularly including Alex M.O.R.P.H. and JayB.

First Second Records

A sublabel of Gesture Music, the label ran between 2002 and 2006. The label featured a number of top artists including Misja Helsloot, Ozone (Airbase), and Dréas. The best release is definitely Airbase – Sinister, and also happened to be the last one.

Five AM

Starting in 1999, Five AM was founded by Gareth Emery and Alexis Hooper. It lasted through to 2008 and produced some memorable releases including Lange vs Gareth Emery – This Is New York / X Equals 69 and M.I.D.O.R. & Six4Eight – Oblivion / Soundscape.

Fraction Records

Defunct as of 2015, Fraction produced some solid hard trance releases with the best including Carl B – Cursed / Optimum and Claus Backslash – Afterglow. 2008 release Sela & Briggs – The Day Will Come is a hidden gem.

Fundamental Recordings

Fundamental operated between 2003 and 2007 and was responsible for a number of fantastic releases with Solid Globe – North Pole and Solid Globe – Sahara / Kalahari being the most well known. Electrovoya – Effervesce / Emotional Response also deserves special mention with the former being played at Tiesto In Concert 2003.


A sub-label of Fundamental Recordings, Galactive had a similar output of music style; possibly leaning slightly more progressive. Re:Locate featured heavily with their first release Absoluum / Distant Heartache being the best. Also worth a mention is Octagen & M.I.D.O.R. – Flyback / Rush Hour from 2005.

Gang Go Music

German trance label Gang Go had a odd history during its lifetime. It was started in 1997 licensed to Orbit Records. It switched hands in 1999 to Edel Records, before switching hands again in 2003 when it was licensed to WEA records. The label went defunct in 2005 were a successor; Lo:Go Recordings replaced it.

Go For It!

Go For It! contained somewhat of an eclectic mix of tracks from a variety of better and lesser known artists such as Ron Van Den Beuken, Marc Et Claude, and Ralph Novell. A particularly special release goes to Airbase – Pandemonium / Ocean Realm with two brilliant tracks.


ID&T is responsible for some of the best trance music to be produced, with a number of well known releases; including compilations. The original label was centred around hardcore before moving to trance in the late-1990s with artists such as Tiësto, Marco V, Rank 1, Ferry Corsten, and Svenson and Gielen featuring.

Illuminate Records

Illuminate Records falls under the Drizzy Music umbrella and was home to many hard trance tracks from 1998 onwards. Cosmic Culture – Time Of Your Life released in 2004 was an understated release as was Phalanx – I’m Alive from the same year.


In-telligance operated between 2004 and 2012, but suffered from only a few releases after 2008. The label was responsible for some good releases including Sandra Flyn – Red Is Love, Ernesto vs Bastian – Dark Side Of The Moon, and Nebulus – Destination Paradise.

Intensive Music

Starting in 2002, Intensive Music catered for harder trance styles with artists such as Prime Mover, Revolution 9, and Jon The Dentist. Oddly enough however, the best track released by the label was a more uplifting track in Cloud City on the release M.I.D.O.R. & Six4Eight – After Midnight EP which is possibly one of the best trance tracks produced.

Intuition Recordings

Intuition is one of the best known labels listed here and features a number of great releases since its inception in 2004. Artists include Menno De Jong, Paul Moelands, Jonas Steur, and Airbase. Orjan – Arctic Globe / Prison Break is genuinely a brilliant release with Arctic Globe being a true classic.


Operating under the Difuse label group and based out of London, Jump was short lived with only four releases in 2004 and 2005. Dave 202 & Phil Green – Trance Night Anthem 05 was reasonably well known along with Steve Morley – First Light.

Kompressed Recordings

Kompressed Recordings was the name used for Discover Dark during 2004 before the name was changed, and ran with five releases. The first release was Sensorica – Few Days Away with John Askew – Club Music EP being the last release.

Liquid Recordings

Liquid Recordings is well known in the trance scene and a sub-label of Spinnin’ Records. The label features a wide range of artists such as Gizeh, 4 Strings, Carlo Resoort, Ron van den Beuken, and Activa. Blank & Jones feat. Robert Smith – A Forest is an excellent release, alongside Carlo Resoort – Remover being popular in the early 2000s.


Run by Mark Dearden, better known as Marcos, Metropolis aimed to release experimental trance. In total, it had six releases but notable examples of the experimental nature include Marcos – India Calling and NR:32 – Vol+.

Midway Records

Starting in 2003 as a sub-label of Alphabet City, Marc van Linden ran and featured on the label several times with Forbidden Love being an excellent release. Sandra Flyn – Rocking, Krzysztof Chochlow – Reserve Midnight, and Marc van Linden & Matys – AM 2 PM are brilliant releases.

Octavius Records

Octavius was a short lived record label started by Paul Moelands (Octagen). It featured three releases in 2007 and 2008 with the first being from Paul Mads; Paul Moelands himself. Mark Sixma and Orjan Nilsen also had releases on this label with M6 – Destination 6 being a particularly good tech-trance track.

Planet Traxx Records

A sub-label of Drizzy Records, Planet Traxx began in 1999. It featured a mix of hard trance tracks from artists such as Flutlicht, Dave Joy, and Dave 202. The final release was made in 2007.


Launched at the back end of 2005, it was a sub-label of Somatic Sense. Carl B featured several times as did 3rd Moon, Solarscape and N2O until the label was closed in 2008. Acues & Elitist – Zonderland is a well-rounded release.

Purple Eye Entertainment

Purple Eye appeared in the late 1990s and was the home of a number of well known artists and releases including Gouryella – Tenshi, Barthezz – On The Move, and Afterburn – Summer Sun. A number of albums were also released including Ferry Corsten – Right Of Way.

Recover Records

Recover is another sub-label under the RecoverWorld label group which started in 2000 and morphed to become a mix of Hard Dance and Hard Trance. K90 and Pablo Gargano featured numerous times before the label ended in 2013.

Red Silver Recordings

German trance label Red Silver was founded in 2000 and survived until 2008. Ohm Boys (Alex Mieling, Henry Nix, Matthias Gierth) produced two excellent releases in Thinking Of You and Down Under (Atlantis), available in 2004 and 2005.


Between 1999 and 2004, Scanner ran as a sub-label of Lightning Records by M.I.K.E.. Lightning went bankrupt in 2003, with Scanner running as an independent during 2004, but only two releases were made during the time. The label featured a majority of tech-trance releases.

Silicon Recordings

Silicon featured a number of well known tech and hard trance tracks after its inception in 2000. Jesselyn, Dave 202, and Jowan featured a number of times before the label ended in 2009. Lamoen – Increase / Decrease is an underrated release.

Six:Thirty Records

Owned by Ian Betts, Six:Thirty started in 2005. Some noteworthy releases include Kuffdam & Plant – Meltdown and Static Blue – Under The Sea. The label became defunct in 2007.

Skyrise Records

Skyrise Records was started by Rutger van Bostelen in 2005 and contained only a single release in M.I.D.O.R. & Six4Eight – Cloud City 2005 / Memory Lane. Both tracks are excellent however, with the 2005 remake offering an alternative beat on the older 2003 version, which some consider to be one of the best trance tracks ever.

Skywarp Records

Hard Trance label Skywarp Records was launched by Arne Reichelt and Alexander Zwarg; better known as Alphazone and featured a number of their remixes on releases. The label lasted until 2006 in which a compilation album was released.

Somatic Sense Recordings

Another well known label in Somatic Sense Recordings started in 2003 and lasted five years. It was home to some fantastic producers such as 8 Wonders, SignalRunners, Carl B, and Selu Vibra. Sub-label Somatic Sense (confusingly named) also produced some fantastic releases before ending at the same time along with other sub-labels.


Soundpiercing started in 2003 with Masters & Nickson feat. Justine Suissa – Out There (5th Dimension) and ran through to 2014.  Featuring a mix of vocal and tech-trance tracks, a number of popular artists such as The Thrillseekers, Signum, and Arctic Quest appeared on the label.

Trance Revolution Recordings

Starting in 2004 and lasting four years, TRR put out some excellent if rather unknown releases. Aerodrome – Tribute To The Past / Devote and Havannah – Havannah are both underrated. The best known release is almost certainly Whirlpool & Octagen – Alaska.


Started by Jeremy Trimby, otherwise known as Vandall. Focusing on hard dance and hard trance, many of Vandall’s releases were made on the label when it operated between 2006 and 2010. Vandall – Can’t Explain and Vandall – Hypnotisin’ were two excellent hard dance releases, with a popular Alphazone remix appearing on the former.


UK hard trance and hard dance label Tranzlation sits under the Hard Timez group, after being started in 2005. The label has been a regular home for releases from Phil York, Gaz West (Dark By Design), Alf Bamford (Technikal), and Jason Cortez.


Waterworld is superficially similar to parent label Skywarp Records, being home to Alphazone, DJ Kim, Mas & Vin, and JS Ten among others. The label started off as an independent before joining Skywarp in the mid-2000s.

Wildchild Records

Starting in 2005, Wildchild focused on progressive trance under the umbrella of Baroque Records. The label changed names in 2009 to Wild Records, but featured the same logo with updated name, before closing 2012.


Another sub-label of Lightning Records, XTC started in 1995 and became defunct around late 2002. Altitude – Altitude is one of the best known trance tracks to ever be released. Fire & Ice – Souvenir De Chine was also released on the label as was M.I.K.E. – Sunrise At Palamos.


Dutch trance label Yakuza started in 2004 with Bart Claessen – Persona Non Grata being the first release. It saw regular releases through to 2010. Terry Bones – Forbidden Ways and a number of Thomas Bronzwaer tracks are the best releases.