This page contains links to anything I’ve found interesting on the internet. It is a fairly random collection of things including websites and documents.


A collection of generally long-form articles which are worth a read.

A Long Walk’s End by William Browning [sbnation.com]
The Last Man Up by Christopher Solomon [runnersworld.com]
Messages in the Deep [builtvisible.com]
The End of the Suburbs by Leigh Gallagher [time.com]
The Falling Man by Tom Junod [esquire.com]
Biography of Usain Bolt, Mutant by Luke Dittrich [esquire.com]
Roger Federer as Religious Experience by David Foster Wallace [nytimes.com]
How to Get Paid to Drop Out of Races by Sarah Barker [deadspin.com]
The End of Neighbours by Brian Bethune [macleans.ca]
Apollo: The Greatest Leap by Eric Berger [arstechnica.com]
How Secret Societies Stay Hidden On The Internet by Matt King [theatlantic.com]
Mother Earth Mother Board by Neal Stephenson [wired.com]
The Hunt for the Death Valley Germans by Tom Mahood [otherhand.org]
Maybe Better If You Don’t Read This Story on Public WiFi by Maurits Martijn [medium.com]
Up and Then Down by Nick Paumgarten [newyorker.com]
Shadow Boxing by Wright Thompson [espn.co.uk]
Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert by Maria Bustillos [theawl.com]
Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond? by Edward Jay Epstein [theatlantic.com]
Secrets of the Little Blue Box by Ron Rosenbaum [lospadres.info]