Eucalyptus are evergreen trees which are commonly found in garden centres during the summer when they are in their growth period, and producing plenty of blue-green growth. Most will be sold at smaller sizes from fifteen centimetres up to one metre. Given the opportunity however, they will mature into large trees which grow up twelve metres in height, and the foliage turns darker green.

The plants like to be positioned in full sun, but can be grown in any soil type that is in a sheltered location. They also like acid or neutral conditions.

As with many other trees, Eucalyptus should be pruned in late Winter or early Spring; ensuring that there is no significant risk from frost. However, many people prefer the smaller varieties with the young colourful foliage. To retain this style, the plant should be trimmed in early Spring. Hard pruning can also be undertaken during the Summer if required.

The mature tree size requires a larger garden for Eucalyptus, and care should be taken as they are known to drop large branches at times; even when seemingly in good condition.