Exploring FreeDOS

As someone who got into computing late (1997), I missed out on most of the DOS era with limited contact while repairing a problem or using the command line on Windows. This page takes a look through my look FreeDOS, and documents thoughts and findings I have.


This install will run on KVM and the screenshots for the procedure are below. The virtual machine should be configured with a reasonable amount of RAM (e.g. 64 MB) and a large enough hard disk (1.0 GB).

When the VM begins, it will want to partition the disk and then reboot. Upon the second startup, an error will appear which indicates that no operating system can be found. This is because the partitioning has been completed but the operating system install has not yet began. This occurs because on reboot, KVM removes the ISO from the CD-ROM drive and sets the hard disk to boot. To rectify this, turn off the VM and set the CD-ROM to be the first boot device and reconnect the ISO.

Once the VM is started, the FreeDOS installer will detect the available partition and ask some questions before beginning installation.

Upon completion of the install, we can get started.