Firefox New Configuration

Customising your web browser is generally a personal thing, and I keep most changes to a minimum. This page is really for my own recollection, though may contain some hints for others.


I only use three addons, and these are installed on first run.

  • uMatrix
  • uBlock Origin
  • HTTPS Everywhere

Bookmarks Toolbar

This is enabled and my bookmarks imported. Due to the number I have, I disable text labels. This is done by creating a text file at the path:


The following string should be added to the file, and Firefox restarted.

#personal-bookmarks .bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-text { display:none !important; }

Some variations of the above are available, however they may disable text labels on the bookmarks menu as well.

Preference Changes

  • Enable restoration of previous session
  • Ensure that Firefox is set to the default browser.
  • Set home page and new tab page to load a blank page.
  • Disable all Firefox home content.
  • Add search bar separate from address bar.
  • Set default search engine to Wikipedia.
  • Enable Do Not Track and set to Always.
  • Disable ‘Ask to save logins and passwords for websites’.

Configuration Changes

These changes made from the about:config page.

  • Prevent RTC connections – media.peerconnection.enabled;false
  • Stop websites from preventing copying and pasting – dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled;false
  • Disable geolocation access – geo.enabled;false
  • Prevent tracking based on battery capacity – dom.battery.enabled;false
  • Disable Pocket integration – extensions.pocket.enabled;false