Font Notes

Included on this page are some notes compiled on fonts that I’ve come across, while trying to identify equivalents and variants. The Font Versions page lists many common fonts (both free and proprietary) and their latest known version if you are attempted to track them down.


Below is a set of free rough equivalents to reasonably well-known proprietary fonts. There are various arguments as to how similar the free fonts are, however the general size and shape should be a close match.

Proprietary font
Free font(s)
Times New Roman
Liberation Serif, Tinos
Helvetica / Arial
Arimo, Lato, Libersation Sans, Nimbus Sans L, FreeSans
Courier New
Comic Sans
Comic Neue
Segoe UISelawik
VerdanaDejaVu Sans, Legendum
GaramondEB Garamond


  • The Arial typeface is almost indistinguishable from Helvetica.
  • Tinos, Arimo, and Cousine are a part of the Croscore Fonts package. Carlito and Caladea also come as part of the Croscore Extra package.
  • Carlito and Caladea are metric-adjusted versions of the Lato and Cambo.
  • Tinos, Arimo, and Cousine form the basis of the Liberation fonts.
  • FreeSans is derived from Nimbus Sans L, which in turn is based on the Helvetica design.


Please see the recommended fonts page for some of the best looking free fonts in various categories.


Some websites which provide typefaces to download, many of which are free.