Fuchsia are a relatively popular shrub, with their common feature of delicate dangling flowers, of which there are manyvarieties with their own unique appearance.

The requirements for Fuchsia are a spot in full or part sun as long as it is sheltered. Any soil type is fine as long as it is well-drained, though they do best in fertile soil. If growing in poor soils, it is recommended to feed regularly with a tomato feed or similar.

In warmer areas such as Cornwall and Devon, Fuchsia have been grown as hedgerows for some time though climate change means that it is possible to grow them as hedges further north. However, in many cases a cold winter will kill off the branches. These can be cut down to the ground in Spring, from which new shoots will sprout. In a very cold Winter, the shrub may be killed unless additional protection is provided so it is recommended to provide a thick mulch over Winter.