Heuchera – also known as Coral Bells – are mound-forming evergreen perennials, of which there are a huge number of varieties.

Generally they are most happy in full sun or part shade, and like sandy, loamy, and clay soil with a neutral pH level.

As the plant grows, it will often become leggy with a bare centre and the leaves flopping over. Therefore, the shrubs should be divided every three or four years to ensure the look their best. This method of propagation is usually very successful as they are quite hardy and root readily, though the plants can be grown from seed as well.

One pest of Heuchera are vine weevil, which eat the roots of the plant. The first sign of a problem will generally be that the plant stops growing. The plants are typically more vulnerable to this pest when grown in pots.

A wide range of Heuchera varieties are available.