Hydrangea are a particularly common deciduous shrub with the macrophylla and paniculata varieties being the most planted.

The macrophylla types are well known for the pink or blue blooms although white flowered types are also available, while the paniculata variant offers white or even green flowers.

Most variants of Hydrangea prefer full sun or part shade and will grow in any soil except chalky. The soil should be moist when grown in full sun, but wherever planted the soil should be moist and well-drained.

The plants can reach a height and spread of two and a half metres over ten years, but pruning can be undertaken in late winter or early spring. The flower heads will die as winter approaches however they should be left on until pruning time.

Slug damage can be a problem on new growth with small shrubs, so protection such as copper tape may be required until the plant becomes established.