John Finnemore’s Double Acts

Series One

1. A Flock of Tigers

Set on a train in 1934, Edmund is alone in a train compartment before Dolorosa enters to disturb the peace, wanting to start a conversation. Edmund being much more reserved attempts to prevent her rambling by telling her he is tired, but unfortunately he still has to tell her his journey to visit his son who attends a boarding school. Dolorosa’s continued probing finds that Edmund is unable to use his imagination having never been taught as a child and struggles to bond with his son Anthony. Dolorosa tries to get him to improve his pretending skills by imagining sheep in a field. Moving on, the field becomes full of tigers as Edmund struggles, while Dolorosa presses on with her wild tales. Eventually Edmund gets into the swing of things and manages to concoct a fantastical tale, with Dolorosa convincing him that he will now be able to enjoy his time with his son more readily. As they arrive into Oxford, Dolorosa tells him that she is a psychoanalyst and will be giving a talk that evening with which the events on the train will be central.

2. Wysinnwyg

3. Red-Handed

4. The Goliath Window

5. English for Pony-Lovers

6. Hot Desk

Series Two

1. The Queen’s Speech

2. The Mercy Dash

3. Rebel Alliance

4. Penguin Diplomacy

5. Here’s What We Do

6. The Wroxton Box