Meet David Sedaris

This page lists the title of each story in each episode of Meet David Sedaris. A total of thirty four episodes have so far been produced.

Series One

  1. Six-to-Eight Black Men; Just a Quick Email
  2. Let It Snow; The Cat and the Baboon, Keeping Up
  3. Picapocketoni; I’ll Eat What He’s Wearing
  4. Kookabura; With A Pal Like This…

Series Two

  1. The Incomplete Quad; The Squirrel and the Chipmunk
  2. Me Talk Pretty One Day; It’s Catching
  3. Nuit of the Living Dead; The End of the Affair
  4. Us and Them; Diary Extracts
  5. Memento Mori; The Motherless Bear
  6. The Ship Shape; Make That a Double

Series Three

  1. Attaboy; In the Waiting Room
  2. Author, Author; Front Row Centre with Thaddeus Bristol
  3. Memory Lapse; If I Ruled the World
  4. Put a Lid On It
  5. Easy Tiger; Possession
  6. Rubbish; Jesus Shaves

Series Four

  1. The Happy Place; The Shadow Of Your Smile
  2. Repeat After Me
  3. #2 to Go; Innocents Abroad
  4. Company Man; Diary Extracts
  5. English Lesson; Understanding Understanding Owls
  6. The Sea Section; Dog Days

Series Five

  1. The Understudy; Big Boy
  2. Stepping Out; The Vigilant Rabbit
  3. Leviathan
  4. Little Guy; The Ones That Got Away; Now Hiring Friendly People
  5. Calypso; Follow Me
  6. Loggerheads

Series Six

  1. 04/07/2017
  2. Of Mice and Men; A Can of Worms
  3. Suitable for Framing; Diary Extracts
  4. Buddy, Can You Spare a Tie?; A Modest Proposal
  5. A Number of Reasons I’ve Been Depressed, Lately; Diary Extracts
  6. The Perfect Fit; Audience Q&A