Single-Player Fifteen Ball Pool


The aim is to pot all fifteen pool balls without missing any shots, with the target of being left with the black ball on the table which is potted last to win the game.


All fifteen balls should be positioned on the pool table in random locations. The cue ball can be placed anywhere to start the game. The game does not begin until the first ball is potted.


The balls (minus the black) can be taken in any order, with the playing shooting and attempting to pot at least one ball on each shot. If multiple balls are potted on a single shot, the game continues with no penalty or reward. Once all the balls, except the black, have been potted, the player is permitted to attempt to pot the black. The player wins if the black ball is potted without fault.


The game ends on any of the following fouls:

Alternative Rules

The balls can be racked in the same way they would be with a standard fifteen ball pool game using a triangle. The player then must complete the game from the first shot after the break.

Each ball can be taken in turn based on the number and must be potted in order. The player can determine whether the black ball is defined as the eighth ball to be sunk, or the final ball.