Being interested in a wider range of music isn’t something I would have thought of during the 2000's, during which most of my listening was around trance and hard dance. That being said, the trance scene has died out somewhat since the mid-to-late 2000's.

Trance Record Covers

During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s many labels sprung up releasing trance music - particularly on vinyl. In many cases, the covers for these releases are impossible to get hold of in good quality, so I’ve started to create alternatives on the Trance Record Covers page.

Album Covers

A range of Album Covers for studio albums, compilations, and movie soundtrack releases. Most are official covers which have been resized, however others have been modified to fit the 600px x 600px size neatly.

Although larger sizes may be available, particuarly for newer releases, many in-car entertainment systems limit the maximum image size for cover art to 600px x 600px.

Other Writings

A look back at some Defunct Trance Record Labels which saw their peak in the early 2000’s typically. Also, some notes on Select Trance Artists from the same period.

A small, but expanding collection of set listings can be found on the Select Live Sets page.