Andrew Steele

Never Asked Questions

This page lists potential questions and answers you may have about this website or myself. None of the questions so far have been asked by anyone (hence the page name), however any which are asked and are relevant to here will be added.

How often is this website updated?

Usually once-a-week at a minimum, though sometimes twice-a-week. Updates are usually made on Monday and/or Friday. Occasionally, I may not update for some time however when working on other things, or just fed up with it.

Do you endorse any site or person linked to?

No. Any links to individuals or companies are because I think they have an interesting component, and may contain useful or important content. In fact, one or two people linked to I disagree with in a number of ways but if their website is interesting or useful, and the person or company isn't too objectionable, it will be linked to.

I also do not seek out, and have not received, any requests to share links on my website. Those listed are of my own volition.

Your website appears broken in some way on XYZ browser. Why is this?

Generally, I only test in Firefox, with occasional testing using Midori which often renders some things slightly differently. I refuse to run Google Chrome due to the numerous privacy issues with the browser and its general monopoly status these days, and feel it is not worthwhile maintaining an up-to-date Chromium installation. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Safari are also untested.

I do however test on occasion using text-based browsers such as w3m, dillo, links2, and elinks for anyone who wishes to use those as I consider it fairly important that my website runs with few resources.

Why is the font size so large?

It may not be, depending on the browser and the default font size. In Firefox, I use a 16px default font size. The CSS then defines a 1.0em font size, which should provide a good size for most people.

I don't particularly like the large font size produced by a 16px default and 1.0em, preferring a slightly smaller font overall for main body text. I have previously used 0.8em, however it was changed for accessibility reasons to prevent the font being too small.

Why do you not use Javascript?

I've never been a big fan of Javascript, particularly for websites which are delivering document-based content, which is predominantly the majority of this sites content. I tend to block all Javascript by default, except on sites which need it, and can be trusted.

Put bluntly, my website doesn't absolutely need it so I don't use it.

Do you have an RSS feed?

No. This is due to the majority of content being added or modified as-and-when and therefore unsuited to using RSS.

Do you have a blog?

No. I have tried blogging in the past but find it difficult to commit to updating reguarly enough with interesting topics. I also believe that maintaining a blog should be done with some form of regularity, whatever that may be, though I don't have the patience myself to keep it up over the longer term.

There is nothing worse with regard to blogging, than infrequent blog updates.