Privacy Policy

Our website address is: The administrative contact is Andrew Steele and can be emailed at

What information is collected?

Your IP address, browser user agent string, and access date/time are stored by the web host.

This website also uses a plugin to limit login attempts from attackers trying to access the administrative account. After a set number of attempts, the plugin will block access to the IP address attempting to login, and will record that IP address to a blacklist.

How is this information used?

It is used only for recording which visitors access the website as part of the service the web hosting company used provides.

The plugin which limits login attempts also records IP addresses and maintains a list to prevent repeated login attempts from unauthorised users.

Is any collected data shared?

No. No collected data is shared with any party.

How I can contact the webmaster?

Contact can be made by email. I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible if the initial email requests a response.