Radio Guide (A)

Adventures of the Falcon

Premiering in 1943, Adventures of the Falcon followed the journeys of Michael Waring (also known as the Falcon) who used his snappy and sarcastic attributes to solve mysteries the incompetent police could not. The radio series features a mix of romance, comedy and danger.

Adventures of Uncle Jimmy, The

Starring William Farnum as an adventurer in this 1940s serial drama. He guides the rest of the family through rough patches with his level head and earned wisdom.

Amos ‘N’ Andy

Amos ‘N’ Andy started in 1928 and was set in Harlem. The show ran for over thirty years before ending in 1960. The show changed somewhat over its long run with it taking the form of a nightly radio serial, a weekly sitcom, and a nightly disc-jockey program. A television adaptation was also made in the 1950’s.

Ankle Tag

Starring Elis James, Katy Wix and Steve Speirs. A fraudster is released from prison on parole and cons his way into living with his son. The show first aired in 2017 on BBC Radio 4.

The episode guide for this series can be found here.

Any Other Business

Set in the small town of Chesbury, Any Other Business deals with politics with the election of a new mayor. The show stars John Duttine. A total of six episodes over one series were aired.

Architects, The

The Architects focuses around the operations of a struggle architectural practice and their attempts to win contracts. Two series have been broadcast with eight episodes in total.

As Time Goes By

Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer feature in the radio version of the television sitcom about a middle-aged couple who reunite after being when sweethearts when they were younger. A total of three series made up of twenty episodes were broadcast.