Radio Guide (C)

Cabin Pressure

Cabin Pressure was written by and starred John Finnemore alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam and Stephanie Cole. Airing on the BBC, a total of twenty seven episodes were broadcast. The show follows MJN air, a single aircraft company as they struggle to survive as a company.

Capital Gains

Running between 1994 and 1997, Capital Gains is a sitcom about a man who finds several million pounds have been deposited into his bank account, and spends his retirement as an amateur philosopher. A total of nine episodes aired over two series.

Captain Midnight

Captain Midnight dates back to 1938, and managed an eleven year run through to 1949. The show stars Captain Midnight, a World War I pilot originally named Captain Jim “Red” Albright who was given the name after returning from a high-risk mission at the stroke of midnight.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

CBS Radio Mystery Theater ran for twelve years from 1972 and aired 1399 episodes. The show covered a number of genres such as western, science fiction, comedy, and seasonal beside its main genre of drama. The format was also similar to earlier shows such as The Mysterious Traveler and The Whistler.

Change at Oglethorpe

Running for just six episodes, Change at Oglethorpe aired in December 1995 and surrounds the events and happenings at a small rural train station in Yorkshire.