Radio Guide (D)

Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy is a supernatural thriller anthology which ran for thirty-one episodes. Running between November 1941 and June 1942, the show originated from WKY in Oklahoma City and found an audience across America.

Daytime TV

Jake Yapp looks at the state of modern daytime television and its tropes using stand-up, music, and music. The first four episodes of the show aired in July and August 2018.

Dimension X

Airing in 1950, Dimension X was broadcast on NBC with a total of fifty episodes; and the first thirteen being aired live. All of the episode recordings survive. Many of the actors who performed in Dimension X also went on to feature in X Minus One.

Down Our Way

Down Our Way is believed to have been made in the 1930’s and is a wholesome show that focuses on neighbours helping each other. Little other information about the show is available.


Probably one of the most famous radio series, Dragnet was a police drama set in a Los Angeles police station. It showcased both the heroism and drudgery of police work when the show aired in 1949. It ran for 314 episodes across nine series, and inspired many subsequent shows.