Radio Guide (H)

Halls of Ivy, The

Sitcom series The Halls of Ivy aired in 1950 and ran for three series. It features William Todhunter Hall as a president of a small college and his wife through their interactions with students, friends and family.

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Have Gun, Will Travel radio series ran for one hundred and six episodes and being aired in 1958, was a rare example of an adaptation of a television series. The show was one of the last to feature continuing characters.

Heritage Over the Land

Heritage Over the Land is made up of twelve episodes and is a documentary about the south of the United States of America. Henry Cassidy guides us through with interviews talking about the social and economic state during the early twentieth century.

Hobby Bobbies

Sitcom which aired for two series in 2013 and 2014. Britain’s longest serving police community support officer is paired with the laziest. The show was written by Dave Lamb and featured Richie Webb, Nick Walker, Chris Emmett and Noddy Holder.

How Does That Make You Feel?

Comedy drama revolving around therapist Martha who has to deal with a number of characters including unfortunate politician Richard Fallon, despairing father Howard and pushy mother Caroline. The show has run for ten series, each with five fifteen minute episodes which feature the session for each person. The show was aired as part of the Radio 4 Afternoon Drama segment.


HR ran between 2009 and 2014 for five series, resulting in thirty episodes being broadcast. Nicholas Le Prevost and Jonathan Pryce star as lazy human resources officer Sam and trouble-making colleague Peter. The show followed a pilot television episode produced in 2007 starring both Le Prevost and Pryce in the same roles.