Radio Guide (I)

In the Name of the Law

In the Name of the Law was a short-lived true crime radio series which aired in the mid-thirties, and featured stories taken from real police case files. In total, twelve episodes were broadcast.

Incredible But True

Consisting of fifteen minute episodes, Incredible But True was narrated by Ken Nordine and featured urban legend type stories. A later syndicated show also hosted by Nordine was cut to three minutes per episode and aired on the Mutual Network in the early 1950s.

Inner Sanctum Mysteries

Featuring stories of terror and mystery, Inner Sanctum Mysteries began airing in the 1940s with host Raymond Edward Johnson and later Paul McGrath. A number of guests appeared including Peter Lorre and Agnes Moorehead.

It Sticks Out Half a Mile

A radio sequel to Dad’s Army in which Hodge, Pike, and Wilson attempt to renovate a pier in Frambourne-on-Sea. A pilot was broadcast with Arthur Lowe as the main character prior to his death in 1982.