Radio Guide (P)

Palace of Laughter, The

Featuring Geoffrey Wheeler, The Palace of Laughter visits twelve vaudeville venues in the UK. A ‘Stateside’ series of three episodes also looked at the theatre in America.


Party follows a group of five university students who start their own political party. As they attempt to build a profile and discuss policies to be enacted, they have to deal with various difficulties and their own ego’s which frequently get in the way.

The episode guide for this series can be found here.

Planet Man, The

A kids science fiction series of the 1950’s, The Planet Man focuses on Dantro – a superhero who troubleshoots problems in space for the League of Planets organisation. Each episode is around twelve minutes long and a total of seventy-seven were released.

Plum House

Plum house is a sitcom about a struggling museum operating in the Lake District under the auspices of eccentric owner Peter Knight. However, a young museum curator arrives with the intent of turning the buildings fortunes around.

Ports of Call

Ports of Call takes a trip around the world and dramatises the history of each country which is the focus of each episode. The series was aired in 1935 and had more than forty episodes.

Price of Fear, The

Horror and mystery series The Price of Fear aired on the BBC during the 1970s. The host was Vincent Price for the twenty-two episodes which were broadcast. Some of the episodes consist of a fictional adventure featuring Price himself, while others are macabre tales and stories from authors including William Ingram, Elizabeth Morgan, and Richard Davis.

Punt PI

Steve Punt features in a comedy, fact-based series investigating a wide variety of mysteries and legends. The series was first aired in 2008 and in 2017 the tenth series was broadcast. Some mysteries looked at include the Strategic Steam Reserve, the lost Roanoke Colony, and television license detector vans.

The episode guide for this series can be found here.