Radio Guide (S)

Sealed Book, The

The Sealed Book aired back in 1945, and was a melodramatic anthology. A total of twenty six episodes were broadcast. Each episode started with the sound of a gong, and stories were interspersed with organ music. Stories didn’t feature the same characters, but often used the same names.

Secrets and Lattes

Revolving around a new cafe in Edinburgh, Secrets and Lattes follows sisters Trisha and Clare as they try to get through day one. They also have to deal with Polish chef Krzysztof and uninvited waitress Lizzie. The show first aired in April 2014 and ran for two series, with a total of twelve episodes.

Secret of Dominion, The

The Secret of Dominion is a science fiction serial, which consisted of thirteen episodes. The show was broadcast in the 1980’s and each episodes was around twenty two minutes long.

Shuttleworths, The

Comedy series The Shuttleworths stars Graham Fellows as John Shuttleworth and the rest of his family. Set in Sheffield, he plays a musician and songwriter and the show is recorded on a cassette tape and eavesdrops on John’s day-to-day life. The show ran from 1993 to 2010, with some spin-offs such as Radio Shuttleworth.

Six Shooter, The

The Six Shooter was a weekly show which ran for thirty-nine episodes in 1953 and 1954. The show starred James Stewart as Britt Ponset, a drifting cowboy in the final years of the wild west. Although some of the episodes are standard westerns, others are more comedic in nature.

Sleep No More

Sleep No More features dramatic and thrilling readings of stories, with background sounds and other effects. The show was broadcast during the 1950s and was originally fifteen minutes long before moving to thirty minutes.

Smelling of Roses

Featuring Prunella Scales and running for four series, the show revolves around Rosie who runs an event-management company named In Any Event. The show was first broadcast in May 2000.

Stockport, So Good They Named It Once

Stockport, So Good They Named It Once is a comedy set in the town south of Manchester, and features the Conroy family. A total of twelve thirty minute episodes were produced across two series, with the first series being broadcast in 2000.


Steve Punt looks at the greatest stunts and advertising campaigns. The show first aired back in 2007 on BBC Radio 7, and lasted for four episodes. Each was fifteen minutes in length.

Such Rotten Luck

A comedy following the ups and downs of Tim Piggot-Smith as a second-class writer and ZoĆ« Wanamaker as his wife. There were a total of twelve episodes over two series broadcast in 1989 and 1991. The radio series was the precursor to a one-off television episode which was broadcast in 2013 as ‘Wodehouse in Exile’.