Radio Guide (T)

Tales of the Texas Rangers

Airing in the early 1950s, Tales of the Texas Rangers was a western which ran for ninety-five episodes. It was later made into a television series in 1955. Some of the radio episodes are no longer available due to being lost.

Tenth Man, The

The Tenth Man was a short series of thirteen episodes by the National Mental Health Foundation. While airing on NBC, each episode dealt with a mental issue, ranging from children’s issues through to the elderly.

Trevor’s World of Sport

Following the sporting agency run by Trevor and Sammy, Trevor’s World of Sport ran for three series after a seven episode television series in 2003. The radio comedy first aired in 2004 and featured the same cast which starred in the television version.

Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

First airing in 2002, the radio version of the classic television series features many of the same episodes with small updates and adjustments for radio. In addition, a number of new episodes were written. A number of well known actors have featured as the main character including Blair Underwood, Adam West, and Jason Alexander.