Radio Guide (Y)

Yes, Minister

Yes, Minister ran for two series; each with eight episodes. The show sees most of the cast of the television series reprise their roles. The first series was broadcast in 1983, with the second for following year.

You Are the Jury

You Are the Jury is a legal drama series set in America which features the People versus a number of other characters. Each episode covers the events of a single court case. There are eight surviving episodes which aired in 1957.

You Can’t Do Business with Hitler

You Can’t Do Business with Hitler is a propaganda show broadcast during the second world war. The show was based on the experiences of Douglas Miller who served as a commercial attaché in Berlin.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar ran for twelve years from 1949 and revolved around freelance insurance investigator Johnny Dollar. Noted for his expenses padding, he ends each show with the total expenses for his report.