Bangers and Mash

Episode 1

Former nun Martina takes a temporary job working for a small, chaotic catering company run by brothers, the shady Kingsley and ex-convict Jimmy. Working in the kitchen is friendly Argentinian Juan Jose who is in the middle of a divorce, but immediately attracted to Martina. The company is short on funds, and with bills racking up, the delivery van begins to falter. An elusive phone call from a "Des" threatens to cause further problems as Kingsley refuses to say why he is calling, but he later admits he borrowed money from a loan shark who is calling in the debt. Juan Jose and Martina take to finishing a delivery before the van dies. When the pair arrive back at the office, they discover Jimmy in an empty room as bailiffs have removed everything but the fitted kitchen, and are still owed more than two thousand pounds with a six week deadline. Kingsley has also disappeared leaving just a note. Martina however remains confident the company can be turned around, and suggests calling the company 'Bangers and Mash'.

Episode 2

The following week, Jimmy has managed to scrape together enough money to repair the van clutch, but is sure something else will go wrong. There have also been no new jobs, until Juan Jose hears from a customer with a large order. However, the suppliers are refusing to supply due to an unpaid bill. Martina concocts a plan to win back a sandwich contract using Juan Jose as the contact rather than Jimmy, who sets about making Steak and Kidney pies for their order. In the evening, Juan Jose returns late after winning the contract back, though the van breaks down again. Jimmy sets about trying to find Kingsley, and a nun, Carol, turns up at the kitchen but is in the wrong town. She reveals she is a kissogram booked for a party, though while talking she says she hates her job and dreams of being an accountant. Martina talks her into working for them to sort out their finances. They also manage to pickup another job for a church function which goes well.

Episode 3

Jimmy receives a phone call that a health and safety inspector will be arriving, leading to panic about being shut down. Meanwhile, Carol takes to trying to find some accounts information, though has to let the health inspector in who immediately throws up on arriving due to feeling unwell. Juan Jose tries to convince Martina to go Tango dancing with him again, but she brushes him off as her not being good enough. Carol manages to move the health inspector upstairs to allow him to recuperate for a day, while downstairs Jimmy tries to figure out what to do. He also wonders about whether it is time to report Kingsley missing to the police. Juan Jose ends up travelling to the Lake District to pick up a sink from a field. Some confusion also arises when a booking is cancelled and uncancelled, leading to Jimmy, Juan Jose and Martina having to work through the night. A call with no speaker in the middle of the night leads to Jimmy and Martina wondering if it is Kingsley. The following day, Carol thinks she has a way to make enough money to pay off the company debts.

Episode 4

Juan Jose worries that Martina is going to go back to the convent, and mentions that a man has been hanging around outside though he has vanished by Jimmy goes to look. Juan Jose's wife Rachel calls, though he refuses to talk to her when Martina answers the phone. Meanwhile, Jimmy arranges for a father Harry to entertain some pensioners at a party they are catering. Later on, Juan Jose returns believing that the van they are currently borrowing has been stolen. He also relents and speaks to his wife who wants to finalises the divorce. Carol and Martina head out to make a delivery, and end up discussing their relationships with Carol interested in the health inspector who is due back the next week. The van has also been found by the police, after being used in a robbery. Fulfilling an order of steak and kidney pies for the party, Martina believes she may have lost her crucifix in one, though it later turns up safely. Back in the kitchen, Juan Jose professes his love to Martina.

Episode 5

Juan Jose and Martina's relationship has cooled since he professed his love to her, leading to Carol and Jimmy questioning what is happening. The money saving is also ongoing, as a health inspector is expected to visit, which ends up being the same one as last time - though feeling much better. Neighbour Mrs Olney arrives saying her husband has locked himself in the bathroom, leaving Jimmy and Martina to try and get the door open where they find him collapsed. Jimmy returns from the hospital with news Mr Olney has died after a heart attack, though is relieved that the health inspection went well. Together with Juan Jose, they prepare an order for the evening. Martina returns from the hospital feeling lost, but feels better after talking things out with Juan Jose. On the way to drop off the delivery, Juan Jose has an accident which damages part of the order, while Jimmy realises he has lost a chunk of money. Returning to the kitchen, Jimmy receives a call from the police that they have found a body which may be his brother.

Episode 6

Jimmy and Martina find that the body was actually somebody else, and travel back to the kitchen in relieved spirits. Juan Jose meanwhile is still on the trail of the missing money which Jimmy thinks he lost at the supermarket, leading him to start thinking about shutting down. While talking to Carol, Martina discusses her feelings for Juan Jose, who has managed to find some cheap (stolen) champagne for a wedding they are catering. Juan Jose also has a personal conflict when his ex-wife returns to his life, leading to Martina wondering about her future. Carol has taken to seeing the health inspector, while Juan Jose's friend Pablo who is acting as a waiter gets involved in a fight with the groom. At the end of the night, Jimmy and Martina discuss the goings on and find the money in the van. Returning to the kitchen, they find Kingsley has returned with the money he owes after winning it in Las Vegas.