Andrew Steele

Be Lucky

Be Lucky surrounds Dylan, a man who is searching for peace and quiet while living in a remote cottage in Snowdonia. However, his dream is harder to achieve than initially thought.

Series 1

Episodes in series one did not use named titles.

Episode 1

Dylan finds his council tax has doubled which means his career as a competition entrant is in jeopardy, and at the suggestion of friend and postman Gabriel, decides to take in a lodger as well as look for a job. After meeting two oddball potential residents, Dylan meets Ruth who completes questionnaires for a company, and attempts to help him find a job. Ruth herself however ends up getting fired for taking too long with Dylan. Ruth, having to move in any case, asks whether she can move in with Dylan to which he agrees.

Episode 2

Finding he has relatives on the continent, Dylan takes to learning Walloon while Ruth is baking some cakes. Dylan's latest competition win is twelve oak trees, though he finds they are only acorns. Ruth has also made her own version of Monopoly, which has a crossover with Cluedo. Gabriel arrives, and introduces Dylan to a subtext translator, which ends up revealing the real meaning of what each says. Ruth decides with the "success" of her cake baking, to setup a cafe at the house. Coupled with Gabriel getting the house listed, which leads to a large number of people turning up.

Episode 3

Ruth has decided to make a papier-mâché statue out of junk mail to replace one being torn down in Karvistan as the country goes through political turmoil. Dylan meanwhile wins a five hundred pound cheque in a competition, and sets about opening a bank account to send the money to Karvistan. This leads to a competition between the pair. Dylan however soon finds that his name has been used for identity theft, so resorts to buying Karvistan currency to restore confidence in the country's banks which causes more problems.

Series 2

1. Web

2. Wanderlust

3. Water