Brian Gulliver's Travels

Brian Gulliver's Travels is a radio show which ran between 2011 and 2012 and stars Neil Pearson. Vent was an earlier show with a similar premise which also starred Pearson.

Series 1

1. Gelbetia

Brian has returned to England after six years being lost in Clafrenia after a plane crash. Stuck in a psychiatric hospital, he describes to daughter Rachel his ordeal leading him to arrive in Gelbetia which is a medocracy – a nation run by medical professionals – and his subsequent escape.

2. Juradia

Recalling a trek through a jungle, Brian tells Rachel of his time after arriving in Juradia, which has laws for everything little thing. He escapes with a woman to neighbouring territory Encartia – a place with just one law – which requires its citizens to “be nice”. The pair struggle however with adjustment to such legal freedom.

3. Osminia

Brian discusses with Rachel his time in Osminia, which is a country that has a different take on the concept of family which includes couples being prohibited from marriage and not based on sexual attraction. Brian insults the people by having a different take on relationships, resulting in him having to escape to join a circus.

4. Sham

Talking about his journey to Sham, a place which practices alternative medicine. Brian encounters a woman named Raindrop and asks for help on dealing with a rash. He is put on trial when Raindrop discovers that Brian has been the recipient of modern medicine in his life.

5. Erosia

Brian is unsure about Rachel handling the next chapter which focuses on a country with unusual sexual politics named Erosia. The place features women who are highly-sexually driven, which proves tiring for Brian. He also finds the amount of sex causes men to age quickly.

6. Jampoa

Rachel takes down Brian’s adventures during his time in Jampoa which is a country that is obsessed with fame. He finds that everything is paid for by popularity, before getting hit by a car which is filmed and used to pay his hospital bill.

Series 2

1. Chamanoa

Discussing his travels to Chamanoa, Brian recalls his accidental arrival on an island. He finds two groups of people – naturists who support genetic engineering and have designer babies as well as nurturists who believe in educating their children.

2. Lessington

Brian arrives in Lessington(-on-Sea) where everyone is ignorant. This includes films no longer than three minutes, no books or libraries and the only food being chicken nuggets. Brian learns the history of the Lessington and its neighbour Fewington.

3. Gravinia and Plumpf

Rachel takes down Brian’s memories of his travails in Gravinia, a country which reveres the military and has been at war for some time with neighbours Plumpf; a pacifist nation. However, he finds the war is not all it seems.

4. Anidara

Brian is still in hospital due to his condition after having his stay extended by the doctors. He discusses the next chapter which covers his landing in Anidara during a storm, where he finds a nation in which humans are farmed for their meat and experimented on by strange animals.

5. Hermicia

Describing Hermicia, Brian talks about two tribes of people – the altruistic Manchevan people and the selfish Cononans. He finds himself stuck between two different thought processes, and has to contend with a medical emergency which leaves him requiring a kidney transplant.

6. Kognitia

Brian somehow arrives in Kognitia and finds a woman who helps him. He soon discovers that the place is home to a group of people who can instantly forget traumatic moments, and consider people without the skill to be ‘impaired’.