Andrew Steele


Series 1

1. Chambers

New to the bar, Hillary takes some flack from old-timer John as he continues to cycle to work. Meanwhile, Ruth is having trouble with paying a fine for not having a television licence, and decides to head back to a job in the legal profession for better pay. John is keen on taking Ruth on as she is the daughter of a high court judge with potential political connections. Vince, the clerk, spends much of his time trying to cook up various illegal deals in between the occasional bout of work. Defending a client who tries to steal a charity fund, John soon has to present his case in front of Ruth’s father. With terrible legal representation from John, the jury returns a not guilty verdict stating that the defendant has suffered enough.

2. The Right to Silence

3. The Cab Rank Rule

4. Trial By Television

5. The American

Series 2

1. Only the Lonely

2. The Masons

3. The Phantom Barrister

4. A Case With a View

5. Conditional Fees

Series 3

1. Rent Arrears

2. A Pain in the Back

3. Outward Bound

4. It's Only Words