Country Matters

Series One

Episode One

Dave and Cathy are having relationship issues due to his carefree attitude to life which has resulted in him renting Rose Cottage in the idyllic village of Drayton Warlock in an attempt to escape London. The news, announced by landlord Mr Wendell, proves to be a surprise to some of the other villagers due to its rundown state, while the pair continue on their supposed five-hour trip. Eventually arriving after getting lost, they are pointed in the way by villager Ruth where Cathy discovers what Dave has got them into. Cathy also discovers that they will be living alongside Wendell's bastard son Kevin in the house who suggests that they will quickly get bored of their time living in the village. They also discover that some bungalows are due to be built in the extensive garden. Dave and Cathy set about confronting Wendell about the situation and take to threatening him with an article about his dodgy dealings in local affairs as he prepares to run to be a member of parliament. The pair leave with an agreement on halting the bungalow, but are stuck with Kevin who refuses to budge as Cathy softens on living in the village.

Episode Two

Cathy is awoken by a combination of Dave's snoring and the singing birds as she continues to complain about the lack of familiar sounds from the city. Kevin is already up in the kitchen making tea as discussion turns to Dave's car being stolen and left on the village green with its wheel missing, by a suspected local who is upset at the townsfolk moving to the country. The preparations are being made for the Drayton Warlock village fete by Jim and Steve, who are being bothered by Mr Wendell, as the vicar takes to visiting Dave and Cathy to milk them for more donations for the church while also touting his pension plan sideline. Mr Wendell continues his attempts to remain free of controversy due to his political ambitions while also continuing his affair with Ruth. With Cathy getting annoyed again with village life and the constant stream of villagers turning up, and her threats to leave start again, Dave takes the initiative by persuading her to go on a walk with him before heading to the fete where Dave discovers the location of his wheels and Ruth finds out which charity the village is supporting.

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six