Deep Trouble

Series 1

1. Startled Deer

Aboard the HMS Goliath, a British stealth nuclear submarine the team are participating in a training exercise with the Americans. However, the mission goes wrong when live missiles are fired at the U.S. Lieutenant Jack Trainor and Commander Alison Fairbanks bicker over who has responsibility for the mistake, and Jack believes that Captain Paul Wade is not actually a real captain, having known a Captain Peter Wade while in training. With a press pack onboard, the crew decide to stealthly slip away before releasing the press pack into a lifeboat. The crew resubmerge before later surfacing and coming under fire from Chinese pirates.

2. Special Relationship

3. Prize Hamper

4. Crispy Duck

Series 2

1. Disaster

2. Old Friends

3. Nuclear Reactor

4. End of the Voyage