Dry Slopes

This series is also known as The Misadventures Of Angus Dry.

Series 1

1. The Lost Boys

Angus Dry is unemployed, has no friends and lives with his mother who he feels sorry for despite her international business work and string of lovers. Recalling his younger days despite only being twenty-nine years old, he sets about recreating his youth by tracking down former school friends but finds they have all grown up or moved away. Contemplating finding a way to going back to the womb when he remembers his childhood wasn't that great, friend Pukka turns up to offer a mirror to Angus and the state of his life.

2. The Day of Judgement

The sounds of summer has arrived with Angus taking a bike ride where he encounters a bee. He also encounters bright light and an angel - who turns out to be policeman - and who he gets into bother with after being unsure about his true status as an officer. Angus is allowed to return home believing himself to be an outlaw and he soon receives a summons to court. His trevails with the bee continue until he accidentally kills it, which leaves him agonising over its death and unable to get over his guilt.

3. Families and How To Conceive Them

Watcing the neighbours bonfire party from a window, Angus remarks about the lack of invite which he assumes his mother forgot to give him. Realising that the Pomeroy's have a completely different family life to himself, he comtemplates whether it is time to start his own family. However, his plan immediately hits a problem with the lack of a girlfriend until he discovers his ex-girlfriend Sally has recently broken up with her partner. Angus sets about preparing his mother for his eventual leaving and finds she is keen to get him moved on as soon as possible.

4. Dry Wit

Angus is struggling to get out of bed as his mother tasks him with recording an episode of her show World of Finance. While on the bus back from signing on, he settles on writing a novel in the hopes of becoming a famous author. However, as he waits for a call from publisher Protoprint, Angus struggles with being a failure and his inability to come up with a retort as his school acquaintances mock him. Contemplating killing himself in which he also manages to fail, Angus takes to the wonderful world of nod.

Series 2

1. Emma

Emma leaves a number of messages on Angus' answer machine while he is on holiday, though happens to have repeatedly dialled the wrong number and is instead looking for John. Getting more upset at John not calling back, she pretends to kill herself as Angus is brought to remember his attraction to her. Despite her having had a child, being married and soon moving to Mauritius, Angus' mother attempts to persuade him that she is playing hard to get while Angus finds his attempts to get Steve Spielberg a screenplay continually fail.

2. Tick Tock

As Angus' thirtieth birthday approaches, he struggles to sleep and ends up still missing half his special day while his mother, who he finally discovers is called Angela, manages to forget leading his expectations of a surprise party to fall flat. Angus recalls his younger self and the aspirations he used to have, and contemplates what would happen if he was able to revisit his younger self at ten years old. Coming to the realisation that he missed every unrealistic target he set himself, while also going to imagine his time as a father to a daughter, and the get out of a birthday on the 29th February.

3. The Domino Effect

Everybody Angus knows seems to be in a relationship leaving Angus to only look back on a time when the people he knew were single. With nothing good to watch on television on Saturday evening, Angus also recalls his mothers attempts to get him to go out over the years and the rejection from friends who now have partners or engagements, as well as his stint as an entertainment piece for others. His thoughts also take him to his idea of marriage which sees him constantly rejected, his mother take a position on a telephone sex line, and being introduced to a supermodel.

4. The Invisible Man

Angus is feeling insignificant as his mother tries to persuade him to do the vacuum cleaning. Expecting two couples for a meal, who eventually arrive, Angus is desperate to try and take part in the conversation but instead finds himself being ignored as no one finds him interesting. Angus contemplates his lack of respectability and resolves to find himself a job as the first step in earning some. When that goes badly, he turns to dreaming about winning a Formula 1 grand prix and winning a Nobel Peace Prize before heading to see a psychiatrist who also has no interest in what he is saying.