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Series 1

1. The Trials of Attempting an Elopement

2. Desperately Seeking Peace and Quiet

3. The St Ives School of Painting

4. Trying to Avoid Unpleasantness

5. A Desperate Attempt to Have Fun

6. He’s Got to Be Stopped

Series 2

1. Anarchy Looms Over Staplehurst

2. Desperate for a Thumbs-Up

3. Bonfire of the Jealousies

4. Ever Decreasing Literary Circles

5. The Theory and Practice of Hanky Panky

6. Two Broads Broadcasting

Series 3

1. All Very Hush Hush

2. A Slanging Match Made in Heaven

3. Relishing the Gentleman

4. Women in Love and Men in Disgrace

5. Tired of London

6. One Day My Prince Will Come

Series 4

1. Digging the Dirt

2. Your Very Very Humble Servant

3. Honestly, Darling

4. Bosom Chums

5. The Celtic Cringe

6. Venice the Menace

Series 5

1. Prejudice and Persuasion

2. A Tale of Two Sillies

3. Nightmare Cottage

4. Warning: Contains Strong Language, Violence and Nuts

5. I Wouldn’t Say No

6. Don’t Mention The Gooseberry Fool