Haunted is a series name given to a collection of supernatural and horror books which were adapted to radio from authors such as Rosemary Timperley, Bram Stoker, and Ray Bradbury. The productions were made and aired between the 1970s and 1990s.

The episodes below are shown in no particular order.

HG Wells - The Inexperienced Ghost

In a golf club bar, Clayton recounts a story to Sanderson, Wish, and Evans, of a member who managed a 'hole-in-one', but didn't perform the customary round of drinks in the bar which lead to the man being asked to leave the club. After their game, they take to sitting in the now quiet club, where Clayton reveals he spent the previous night there alone and caught a ghost. The other three struggle to believe the story in which he tells them of a rather pathetic ghost that seems to want to be scary, but can't do it. The pair end up having a long conversation about the circumstances of his death, and the ghost appreciates sympathy from Clayton. Clayton encourages him to go back to his own world, which requires the ghost to perform 'passes' (hand gestures), and watching him, Clayton believes he can also copy them. Proving he can do them, Clayton sets about proving himself, though does get stuck on one which requires help from Freemason Sanderson who recognises them. Going through the gestures again, Clayton performs them correctly, and the other three realise that his face begins to change. He soon collapses to the floor, dead, and the others realise that the entire story wasn't a joke.

John Keir Cross - Esmeralda

Felix Broome laments his life with his wife, Nancy, who he has come to hate, and regrets them having no children. He has a vision of his younger self attending a concert of a piano player of a fourteen year old girl named Esmeralda Broome, the daughter of a tobacconist. With his wife snoring beside him, he eventually snaps and chokes her to death. As the morning arrives, Felix sets about opening his tobacco shop, and has to deal with neighbour Miss Hickman wanting to see his wife about them banging on the wall to get her to stop playing the piano. Burying his wife beneath the basement floor, he returns to find the front door unlocked and Esmeralda in the shop. She tells him she has finally come not that "mother" is out of the way, and begins to recall the story of his life despite his objections that the woman he sees in front of him not being his daughter, as he always imagines her as a young girl. She accuses him of being a weak man, who had always been dominated by his wife due to his diminutive stature. Felix eventually runs out of the store and to the police, to confess his guilt.

Ray Bradbury - The Emissary

Marion, a young girl, is unwell. Her pet dog Toby however keeps her in touch with the outside world, with the hope of being able to go out again once she is better. A neighbour however arrives at her mother's house to complain about the dog running wild, being allowed out unaccompanied and finding his way to the graveyard where he digs holes. She attempts to make friends in the village by pinning a note to his collar, and warns him off any digging. A woman, Miss Fairbrother, eventually turns up after following Toby, and meets Marion, and the two get along very well as she describes Toby as her emissary. A few days later, Marion's mother enters the room to reveal that Miss Fairbrother has had an accident and died after being knocked over by a car. As Christmas approaches, Marion receives no visitors and says it feels like Miss Fairbrother took everyone with her. Toby also vanishes for a number of days with Marion beginning to believe he is dead. A few days later, Marion's mother and father head out, and leave a neighbour looking after her, though upon checking her, she finds Marion has died. She is reunited with Toby, and finds Toby has been digging in the graveyard again in an attempt to find someone to see her.

Rosemary Timperley - Mists of Memory

Dedicated young cellist Janet leaves her teachers house, as the sky turns dark and a dense fog approaches. On her way, she meets a confused old man who is only wearing pyjamas who does not respond to any of her initial questions as to where he lives. Finally getting him to reveal he lives at number ninety-three, she takes him to the house. Knocking on the door, a woman answers the door, and responds that no man lives at the house as her father died several years previously. Returning to the man, he says that he has no idea where to go. Eventually starting to talk more, he reveals he also plays the cello and advises her that no matter what happens, she should keep playing. When the pair encounter a crowd near the police station, the man disappears. Heading in, Janet tells the officer about the encounter and reveals that he seemed familiar. Back at home, Janet finds he parents struggling to believe the story and runs to her bedroom crying. Janet sees the man again the following day, when he thanks her for her kindness and announces that he is heading home. Watching the news that evening, she discovers that the old man was a famous Spanish cellist who has died, causing her to faint.

Rosemary Timperley - Channel Crossing

Agatha Christie - The Lamp

R Chetwynd-Hayes - The Liberated Tiger

R Chetwynd-Hayes - Which One?

Anonymous - The Dead Man of Varley Grange

Rosemary Timperley - Little Girl Lost

Wilkie Collins - The Dream Woman

Rosemary Timperley - Walk on Water

JB Priestley - The Grey Ones

Bram Stoker - The Judge's House

Rosemary Timperley - Listen to the Silence

Fitz-James O'Brien - What Was It

John Elliot - The Family

Wilkie Collins - The Dream Woman

Algernon Blackwood - The Decoy

Daphne Castell - Christina

Glen Chandler - The Late Departure

Arthur Quiller-Couch - A Pair of Hands

Algernon Blackwood - Keeping His Promise

Elizabeth S. Holding - To Kill a Ghost

Isaac Asimov & James Maccreag - Legal Rites