In and Out of the Kitchen

Series 1

1. January 1st to 5th

Damien and Anthony clean up after a boisterous dinner party bringing in the New Year, in which Damien has been commissioned to write his second cookery book; In and Out of the Kitchen. The pair also take up their New Years resolution of going for a run in the morning, before agreeing the contract with their builder for a new extension. Three days in to the year, he hears from his agent who encourages him to write every day in the hope of serialisation. Returning to work as a banker, Anthony finds that he has been laid off along with four hundred other staff but finds little solace from Damien who has to head out for a BBC interview which lasts thirty seconds with Sandra, an interviewer who is always getting lost. His builder also arrives early to start work, and Anthony is carted off to hospital after feeling dizzy while running.

2. April 21st to 25th

Anthony is starting a diet, though still out of work as the extension rebuild continues. Damien gets a job opportunity writing a column for a supermarket which needs a quick decision, and is torn over whether he can accept it. He eventually agrees and has to produce an article within a day when they agree to his demands for no editorialising. Anthony sets about making soup, but ends up sulking when it smells strongly and receives criticism from Damien and the builders. Damien has a dinner meeting with agent Ian to discuss how his book is going as well as sign the contract for the supermarket column, though meets the creator of Anthony's diet which he has criticised in his column, and then later threatens to sue. His agent tells him there is a clause in the contract that he is responsible for legal issues, causing him to retract as Anthony begins to be sick.

3. July 15th to 19th

Damien and Anthony are at Heathrow to Italy, however Anthony is less than thrilled about the trip. The extension build is continuing, and should be mostly complete once they return. At the airport he receives a phone call saying that the villa they are booked into has had its roof collapse. They instead change plans and head off to Ian's cottage in Cornwall. Still hoping for some job interviews, Anthony perks up but when they get to the cottage, he finds no mobile signal leaving him irate. When Anthony goes for a walk to find mobile signal and doesn't return after six hours, Damien sets about finding him with the help of neighbouring students. Damien discovers Anthony's phone has signal in the middle of him being airlifted to hospital after a fall. Travelling on the train home, they find their kitchen hasn't been completed due to an issue with the suppliers.

4. September 18th to 24th

Taking part in a radio show interview, Damien is leading "Eat Something Different Day" as part of a healthy eating campaign, with a presenter who has little knowledge of his work. They also have his mother and father around for dinner. Meanwhile, work also continues on the extension as more issues keep cropping up, as Ian pressures him to allow a filming crew in to watch him cook. Anthony's god-daughter Libby comes to stay with them as her mother says she is having problems, while Anthony has a job interview which he fails to get in the end. Damien returns for a walk around the park, and finds that Anthony has eaten a load of food which was to be used for the filming. Libby also finds that her mother has said she is unstable to Anthony and Damien, which results in an argument between the three. Ian calls to ask for Libby's number as a television producer wants to film her for a cooking programme.

Series 2

1. The Review

2. Valentine's Day

3. The Dinner Party

4. The Wedding

5. The Literary Festival

6. On Location

Series 3

1. The Awards

2. The Funeral

3. The After-Dinner

4. The Travel Piece

5. The Works Barbecue

6. The Prisoner

Series 4

1. The Supplement

2. The Panel Show

3. The Birthday

4. The Baby

5. The Stag

6. The Wedding