In and Out of the Kitchen

Episodes in series one used dates as the titles. The second series followed this, however the BBC also listed a named title on the radio listing. From series three, each episode is introduced with a named title, and no dates are given.

Series 1

1. January 1st to 5th

Damien and Anthony clean up after a boisterous dinner party bringing in the New Year, in which Damien has been commissioned to write his second cookery book; In and Out of the Kitchen. The pair also take up their New Years resolution of going for a run in the morning, before agreeing the contract with their builder for a new extension. Three days in to the year, he hears from his agent who encourages him to write every day in the hope of serialisation. Returning to work as a banker, Anthony finds that he has been laid off along with four hundred other staff but finds little solace from Damien who has to head out for a BBC interview which lasts thirty seconds with Sandra, an interviewer who is always getting lost. His builder also arrives early to start work, and Anthony is carted off to hospital after feeling dizzy while running.

2. April 21st to 25th

Anthony is starting a diet, though still out of work as the extension rebuild continues. Damien gets a job opportunity writing a column for a supermarket which needs a quick decision, and is torn over whether he can accept it. He eventually agrees and has to produce an article within a day when they agree to his demands for no editorialising. Anthony sets about making soup, but ends up sulking when it smells strongly and receives criticism from Damien and the builders. Damien has a dinner meeting with agent Ian to discuss how his book is going as well as sign the contract for the supermarket column, though meets the creator of Anthony's diet which he has criticised in his column, and then later threatens to sue. His agent tells him there is a clause in the contract that he is responsible for legal issues, causing him to retract as Anthony begins to be sick.

3. July 15th to 19th

Damien and Anthony are at Heathrow to Italy, however Anthony is less than thrilled about the trip. The extension build is continuing, and should be mostly complete once they return. At the airport he receives a phone call saying that the villa they are booked into has had its roof collapse. They instead change plans and head off to Ian's cottage in Cornwall. Still hoping for some job interviews, Anthony perks up but when they get to the cottage, he finds no mobile signal leaving him irate. When Anthony goes for a walk to find mobile signal and doesn't return after six hours, Damien sets about finding him with the help of neighbouring students. Damien discovers Anthony's phone has signal in the middle of him being airlifted to hospital after a fall. Travelling on the train home, they find their kitchen hasn't been completed due to an issue with the suppliers.

4. September 18th to 24th

Taking part in a radio show interview, Damien is leading "Eat Something Different Day" as part of a healthy eating campaign, with a presenter who has little knowledge of his work. They also have his mother and father around for dinner. Meanwhile, work also continues on the extension as more issues keep cropping up, as Ian pressures him to allow a filming crew in to watch him cook. Anthony's god-daughter Libby comes to stay with them as her mother says she is having problems, while Anthony has a job interview which he fails to get in the end. Damien returns for a walk around the park, and finds that Anthony has eaten a load of food which was to be used for the filming. Libby also finds that her mother has said she is unstable to Anthony and Damien, which results in an argument between the three. Ian calls to ask for Libby's number as a television producer wants to film her for a cooking programme.

Series 2

1. January 17th to 21st (The Review)

The household has more construction work beginning, with Mr Mullaney starting work on a loft conversion. Anthony and Damien also discuss what to do with their spare bedroom with Damien wanting to leave it as spare, while Anthony believes that a lodger would be financially helpful due to the expensive construction costs. Ian meanwhile is having marriage problems, but is still able to convince Damien to write a resturant review for a new venue. Setting about visiting the location, Damien follows up with a review praising the food but critical of the experience. This however comes back to haunt him when a potential perfect lodger rejects their room offer when she discovers that Damien is the one who has written the negative review for the restaurant, at which she is a chef.

2. February 14th (Valentine's Day)

Damien awakens to find Anthony cooking his traditional Valentine's Day meal in the kitchen, from which he is banned from entering so he can be left alone to cook in peace. Instead, Damien sets about finishing links which need to be submitted for a Sky Arts series about dietary habits of great poets, though a call from Marion enquiring as to the theme of the programme causes some undue stress. He also calls his mother to remind her that it is Valentine's Day due to her history of forgetting the day. Heading out for some fresh air, Damien goes to the builders merchants with Mr. Mullaney, before returning to find his mother calling due to his father falling while out walking the dog resulting in a hospital stay. Anthony manages to complete his cooking, though attempts to eat it are interrupted by Mr. Mullaney, as well as Damien's mother who arrives to stay.

3. May 3rd to 6th (The Dinner Party)

Damien and Anthony set about hosting a dinner party as a celebration of Anthony's new business venture as an investment consultant, and Damien's newly commissioned television series for Sky Arts. They invite Damien's parents, Mr. Mullaney, Marion, Ian and his wife after an argument about whether to light with candles or dimmed lights. The day starts off well enough despite Anthony's persistent hiccups, and his purchase of an expensive and heavy mud-scraper for the garden, however the dinner party eventually turns when Ian gets particularly drunk due to his wife choosing to go to spinning class rather than attend the dinner party, his mother choking on a Trout bone, his dad hurting his back while performing the Heimlich manoeuvre, and Marion tripping over the mud-scraper - resulting in Mr. Mullaney having to take them to hospital.

4. August 26th to 27th (The Wedding)

Anthony is selected to be best man for a former school friend, Julian, he hasn't seen since school, and sets about heading to Cheshire for the wedding with Damien who tags along for a trip. Upon arriving at the large house belonging to the bride's family, Julian discovers that Anthony is gay and Damien meets the bride, Fran, who is a big fan of his books. On the day of the wedding, Anthony awakens feeling unwell after a raucous evening and they discover Lionel, the vicar is missing. Damien takes a trip into the local village, and comes across Lionel who says he thinks the Fran and Julian are a terrible couple, and is reconsidering his faith. Damien resorts to lying about his own faith, to ensure that the wedding goes ahead leaving Anthony with a speech to make that he doesn't want to give.

5. August 13th (The Literary Festival)

Damien, Anthony, and Marion head to Totnes on the train to a literary festival at which Damien will be interviewed by Marion. Anthony is also delighted that spy novellist Gary McDade will also be giving a talk. Damien's interview by Marion goes excellently and is received well by the crowd, though he oddly begins to feel nervous after the show. News comes through however that Gary McDade has knocked himself out, leaving Damien having to fill in on the main stage to a much larger crowd. Squeezing in a quick bite before heading on stage, he ends up choking and coughing his way through the interview with an interviewer and crowd who doesn't know who he is, and has to read a portion of McDade's book with some additional commentary.

6. October 21st to 24th (On Location)

Heading to the Lake District to record his new Sky Arts series, Damien leaves Anthony in charge of Mr. Mullaney and the building works. Damien has to contend with a mediocre train journey before spending his time in the rain as well as having little in the way of expenses for meals and sharing a room with Marion due to them being on a shoestring budget. Marion and Damien also need to agree on a name for the show. Also joining the pair is camera operator Philip, who strikes up a relationship with Marion. He also finds little sympathy back home when calling Anthony, who has taken to spending lots of time with Mr. Mullaney and his friends at the pub and bowling alley. However, things aren't particuarly rosy on that front either when Mr. Mullaney has to persuade Damien to talk to Anthony about inviting himself along on their nights out.

Series 3

1. The Award Ceremony

Mr. Mullaney is beginning work on Anthony's "shoffice" (shed/office), as Damien is informed by Marion that he has been nominated for an award for his Sky Arts series on Poets and their Palettes. He takes to inviting his mother to attend the ceremony with him, while she battles with a faulty washing machine. Anthony meanwhile has decided that he is going to audition for a part in an amateur dramatics performance, much to Damien's dismay at the thought of his rehearsals taking over his evenings. At the awards, Damien and his mother meet Ian who has arrived. Damien's mother is quickly captured by a Frenchman, Michel, who takes an interest in her. Damien also fails to win the award, and is humiliated when the Frenchman talks over the announcer causing him to believe he has won for a short time. Anthony however manages to get a major part in the play.

2. The Funeral

Anthony receives a phone call from his sister that an aunt has died. With short notice for the funeral, his sister wants Damien to provide the catering for the wake, while Anthony will be performing a song. Ian calls with news that Michel has left him for another agent, leaving him depressed. Damien spends his time planning out what he is serving, with lots of time going into planning mini-quiches. Mr. Mullaney offers to drive Damien, Anthony and the food down to Margate for the cremation. Preparing to head to Margate, Damien has to collect Ian from the police station, and end up having to bring him along due to time constraints. Ian ends up bawling during Anthony's musical performance.

3. The After-Dinner

Damien's mother invites herself to stay over with Anthony and Damien, when Damien's father leaves for a "silent" retreat. Anthony however consoles himself with the hope that he won't have to see her much due to his work and rehearsal for his part in Hay Fever. Ian also calls with an update on the progress of his divorce, though offers Damien an after-dinner speaking gig at a school which he accepts as a way to get away from his mother for some time. His speech however gets off to a bad start when nobody appears to be listening before getting heckled, to which he responds with a quip about his wife which upsets the man. Missing the last train, Damien has to stay over at a Jennifer's, a parent from the school, who soon comes on to him, before they are interrupted by a phone call from Anthony.

4. The Travel Piece

Damien is awoken early by Ian texting with a job to write an article for a hotel in Northumberland. He has a morning meeting with Marion, who is attracted to Mr. Mullaney now her relationsip with Philip ended. She resolves to ask him out for dinner, which he agrees to, though Damien questions whether they will be compatible. Damien invites his mother to the hotel, while Marion calls announcing her date with Mr. Mullaney went well while they're waiting at the airport. Upon arriving at the hotel, Damien finds it crawling with other journalists taking advantage of expenses paid trips. Damien's mother also takes to booking them on a variety of events, while Damien just wishes to relax. Back home, Damien finds that Marion has cooled things off with Mr. Mullaney and that she is pregnant with Philip's baby.

5. The Works Barbecue

Anthony is planning a barbecue with his former colleagues while Damien is away filming for the weekend. Damien's mother is also still with them, and has taken to rearranging the house. Meanwhile, Mr. Mullaney has to get the pair to decide on what glass is going to be installed in the shoffice. While out to lunch with Marion, she tells Damien that she is delaying his latest series for the opportunity to work on another more popular series, which leaves Damien's plans for the weekend cancelled. Damien discovers at the barbecue that Anthony never told his work colleagues he was gay, leading Damien to storm off. He is caught up by Mr. Mullaney who offers some wise advice, and upon returning Anthony proposes, before the glass in the shoffice shatters due to the heat from the barbecue.

6. The Prisoner

Work on the shoffice has been completed to replace the broken glass with a reinforced variant. However, Damien answers the door to an angry neighbour who is complaining about the glare from the glass, which has caused him to trip in the garden. Damien arranges for Mr. Mullaney to install something to prevent the glare, while a police officer, who is in the play with Anthony, arrives alerting them that a prison escapee is believed to be in the area. Mr. Mullaney also sets about upgrading the locks in the house and shoffice. While Anthony is due to star in his play, Damien is called back to the house by the police as a neighbour has tipped them off that the escapee is believed to be hiding out in the shoffice.

Series 4

1. The Supplement

Anthony and Mr. Mullaney are going into the property development business together, and have taken over the kitchen table due to the small size of the shoffice, much to Damien's dismay. He does however have some potentially good news, with a television series in development which he will front alongside a cookery writer hero of his, though he does have some reservations. His current ongoing supplement piece however is under pressure to be more "commercial", and his editor issues an ultimatum to change his work. Damien also gets the job to review a film and interview the producer, though his food related questions aren't appreciated and result in him getting thrown out. He is fired by the editor soon after, and agrees to the television show though is stuck hosting with Ray Jarrow, who he hates.

2. The Panel Show

Ian calls with the offer a comedy panel show participation for Damien, as well as to talk about his new client Joe who has been trailing around the country. Damien also visits a house auction with Anthony, who is purchasing the property for his business venture with Mr. Mullaney. However, Anthony buys the first lot at the high starting price, which they soon discover is a dilapidated wreck that requires a rebuild. Ian fails to turn up at the recording, instead with Joe at an orgy, his panel show appearance is a failure, and he returns home to find Anthony and Mr. Mullaney have fallen out. However, he does meet a fellow agent who he strikes up a rapport with. At the end of the day, the producer of the show however calls with an offer for another appearance.

3. The Birthday

Damien has planned a trip of several days on a canal boat with Anthony, his parents, Marion, and Mr. Mullaney. Hoping it will help Anthony and Mr. Mullaney to repair their relationship, he also ends up having to invite Ian who is detoxing. While out on the boat, Damien is given his presents, all of which are Kindle's, while his father throws up due to being "sea sick". The following day, Anthony resorts to storming off the boat after another bust-up with Mr. Mullaney, and decides to eat mushrooms of an unknown origin causing him to be sick. This starts a chain of confusion in which everyone ends except Marion ends up in the water, who has to turn it around and rescue the party before they all head to the hospital.

4. The Baby

Marion is off to visit her parents for their wedding anniversary, but hasn't told them that she is a mother as yet. Leaving baby Joe with Anthony and Damien, the pair are thrust into the world of parenting. Damien meanwhile has to cope with Ray Jarrow as they begin recording for their programme in which they compete at cooking at a music festival, before going on stage. Anthony meets an old colleague and partner, who has a new wife that likes to boast about their various properties around the world. To compete, Anthony suggests that he and Damien have adopted baby Joe which they have to borrow while attending a dinner with them, where the man's secret comes out to his wife.

5. The Stag

Damien finds that his name is being taken off the programme title, as he and Anthony prepare for their upcoming stag-do which involves Damien's brother coming with them. Leaving Damien's mother at home who has just had a minor operation to be looked after by Ian, the group head off to Dublin for a large amount of drink and karaoke. As the time with the group becomes less bearable for Damien, he breaks and challenges Ray to an eating competition. Damien receives a phone call from Ian who has lost Damien's mother, as a scuffle breaks out in the pub with Mr. Mullaney who has been slipped alcohol without his knowledge. This results in the entire party, minus Damien, getting arrested. With his new found peace-and-quiet, Damien heads for a relaxing walk around Dublin.

6. The Wedding

Damien and Anthony are now married and on honeymoon, which gives Damien chance to reflect on the past six months of organising their wedding. This includes dealing with choosing a venue, handling the catering, picking a photographer and choosing a best man. Mr. Mullaney is able to convince them to host at their house, having spent four years making it perfect for them. Damien's mother demands that she handle the food. Ian recommends a photographer who happens to have PTSD from his time spent in Iraq, and his brother is forced on him as best man. On the day of the wedding, the catering doesn't quite go to plan, which includes his brother having a car accident and missing most of the ceremony, and the photographer going missing.