Julie Enfield Investigates


Episodes in 'Terminus' did not use titles.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

The Smithfield Murders

1. Filth and Fat and Blood and Foam

2. Blue Bummarees

3. Chef’s Special

4. A Mushroom Diet

5. A Passion for Hunting Something

The Net and the Canal

1. Waking Up to Nessun Dorma

2. Communicating with the President

3. Tarantulas in Trojan Horses

4. Beyond the Firewall

The Leaves of the Dead

1. Proverbs and Punctures From Hell

2. Stacks and Baps and Amulets

3. Welcome to the Nightmare

4. Pyramids in the Spider

Murder West One

1. A Cure for Death

2. The Art of the Matter

3. Five Star Killing

4. Soho Espresso