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Episodes in 'Terminus' did not use titles.

Episode 1

Busy between caring for her elderly and cantankerous father, Julie Enfield is called in to lead an investigation in a murder victim found tied to the railway line leading into a train terminus. The face is heavily disfigured by the collision with the train, as well as having had identifying features removed while the victim was still alive. Conducting a joint investigation with the transport police, who believe it to be a simple case of a drug user getting on the wrong side of his supplier, Enfield wonders about a lucky charm that was found on the person. The team have to find out what the train driver has to hide when he lies about seeing someone in the vicinity of the incident. However, with the case under threat as a waste of time, the wife of a MP Timothy Lynam is found and she shares a common trait of the previous body - the lucky charm.

Episode 2

The investigation of the death of the MP Timothy Lynam's wife takes Julie to investigating her husband and talkabout to her friends, as they discover she looked to be meeting someone and was found with a large amount of cash on her person. A busker, Shelley, and drunk, Sarah, who regularly frequent the station also recall seeing her, leading Julie to wonder if there is a drugs connection with the first murder. She also believes that Lynam is lying about his relationship with his wife, and that everything wasn't as rosy as he described. When Shelley arrives at the end of the day to say that she has seen Lynam in the vicinity of his wifes murder, the police set about finding him to ask him further questions. However, they arrive too late and discover that Lynam has been murdered, and the killer has left his calling card.

Episode 3

Julie has to contend with her father's age struggles, as well as her dog having five puppies. At work, she takes to informing Lynam and his wife's friend that the MP has been killed, and she opens up about their relationship having some quirks such as separate beds only days after they were married. There is also some mystery around whether he had been seeing someone else. While staking out the station at night along with fellow detective Kevin, they have their first encounter with the mysterious figure of the station when he speaks over the tannoy. Rushing to the microphone room, they discover nobody. The following morning, Julie arrives early in the morning along with the transport police officer Michael, and hear the voice again over the tannoy. Heading to the micrphone room again, they discover Kevin has been murdered and strung from the train station roof, and is again found with a lucky charm on his person. The press is now dubbing the murderer as The Lucky Charm Killer.

Episode 4

Julie and Michael agree to work together, and plot a way to find out where the killer is broadcasting from. Julie handles questioning a train spotter for what he might know, and discovers that his recordings don't tally with actual trains, leading Julie to know he has been lying and he eventually admits to seeing a prostitute. Arriving home, Michael also comes across Kevin's bank statements, and suggests he was running a protection racket for the local prostitutes with a local cafe owner as the middleman and ensuring Kevin kept his hands clean. At home with her father, Julie wonders about the recording. She sets about working with Shelley to process the audio, and discovers that the busker and the murderer have the same set of talents, though her alibi rules her out.

Episode 5

Julie receives an envelope of Timothy Lynam and a young girl in a wedding dress, and believes her to be the killer when she spots the charm bracelet she is wearing. When she is spotted in the station by the busker, Julie and Michael attempt to find her but she disappears. This sets claustrophobic Julie, with Shelley's help, about discovering the stations underworld. Michael discovers Julie is missing after some time and begins looking for her. In the tunnels, Shelley deserts Julie down a deep shaft and finds that Sarah inhabits the tunnels and isn't a drunk as she appears when on the station concourses. Sarah admits to the killings after her daughter was abused by Lynam and the others, for their involvement. Sarah hands her daughter Rachael over for Julie to look after, refusing to spend her life in prison, and escapes by jumping into the underground river.

The Smithfield Murders

1. Filth and Fat and Blood and Foam

Julie's father is recovering from a stroke which has left his face half-paralysed, and the consultant suggests he requires care at home. Meanwhile, an accountant at the Smithfield Meat Market is found murdered by an office cleaner who arrives early to work, when she discovers a significant quantity of blood. Heading out to investigate with her new junior partner Lawrence, she fails to believe the cleaners story, and under pressure eventually admits to being a hooker who regularly visited the accountant. The pair also have questions for a delivery man who works at the market and demand he turn up for an informal interview the following day. Back at home, her father is proving difficult in getting used to the changes and having Sally, the helping hand forced upon him. However, Julie receives the shocking news when the delivery man is found to have hung himself in a suspected suicide.

2. Blue Bummarees

At the sight of the suicide, the police find a note claiming the delivery man Mickey was the murderer of the accountant, however Julie doesn't buy the story. Julie heads over to the market to find out more information about Mickey, and heads over to his local cafe where he spent a lot of time. Resorting to sending Lawrence under cover at the cafe when she fails to glean any knowledge, she meets a chef from a local upscale restaurant who treats her to a meal. Returning to work, Julie hears from Lawrence about the existence of a room above the cafe where "special services" are offered along with pornographic movies. Back at home, Sally and Julie's father come closer as he opens up. Meeting again with the cafe owner, Lawrence breaks the news to Julie that another body has been found leading her restaurant date to be cancelled, as a strange sound reverberates around.

3. Chef's Special

Julie and Lawrence head off to find the source of the sound which appears to be away from the market, and discover a loudspeaker used as a relay. They come across Alex Wild who is holding a microphone who says she was just testing the system for a community play. They discover the latest murder victim worked at a bank, and talk to the manager where they discover he was involved in the sponsorship of the community play. Lawrence suggests the murders could be related to a local masonic lodge, while Julie takes to investigating the nightlife scene in a drugs connection. Back at home, Julie's father is feeling more upbeat while Julie is at the restaurant with Stephen with whom she begins an affair. After a trip out to a nightclub, and an encounter with Alex who works there, she takes to checking on the market and upon looking in a freezer after hearing a noise, ends up being locked in.

4. A Mushroom Diet

Julie is eventually rescued by a passing constable investigating reports of an intruder, and upon discussing the events with Stephen, questions why he was also at the market around that time. In Terrence Johns office where the intruder was spotted, Julie and Lawrence find a hidden locker key and head to the train station. The investigation focus continues around the upper, unused portion of Smithfield Market where Rachel Jones finds a door open which isn't usually. While Lawrence and Benjamin look around, they also hear a noise. Returning home, Julie's father has been playing pool with Sally though finds she isn't there when she gets back. Julie also takes to looking into Johns relationship with offshore banking, where she discovers Stephen was a client of Terrence. Heading to the amateur dramatics play with Stephen, Julie finds Alex is missing and a recorded conversation is played instead of the sound effects.

5. A Passion for Hunting Something

Setting about investigating the disappearance of Alex, Julie wonders whether she could be involved before Alex turns up when they are looking through her flat for clues. The officers also find out more about the banking situation with Banco Cadiz being suspended from trading in Panama due to fraud allegations. Along with Lawrence, she also finds that Banco Cadiz is a hidden subsiduary of the large IBFF bank. Looking for Henry Sinclair at his office to discuss his involvement, Julie and Lawrence find that he has made a run for it. Heading into the market underground, they discover two hired killers wearing masks, are behind the events at the market and are held at gunpoint along with Sinclair. The killers explain that they work for a drug cartel who decided to see what Terrence Johns was trying to do when he attempted to deposit money. Lawrence attempts to intervene, but ends up being shot as Julie is knocked out.

The Net and the Canal

1. Waking Up to Nessun Dorma

Julie and her father are taking a boat trip tour of London's Regent's Canal, though an incident interrupts proceedings when a woman also on the trip when a body lands on top of her after dropping from a bridge support. Lawrence returns to work after an operation to remove the bullet after being shot, and after a stern telling off from Julie about the incident events, the two set about investigating. They quickly discover that the deceased is named Richard Davis, and head to his workplace to track down a lead, before heading to speak to his wife who appears shifty. They also set about tracking down John Gosling who was Richard's assistant and can not be located, and find Richard's wife was having an affair with John. While playing Cluedo with her father, Julie is visited by Lawrence who is feeling bad about his previous mistake and offers Julie a modem as a gift to get her on the internet. However, the game is interrupted by a phone call leading Julie and Lawrence back to the scene of the crime.

2. Communicating with the President

Confusion mounts over the clues in the case as Julie and Lawrence try to put the situation together. Heading back to the toy store to speak Hillyard and question him again on potential grievances. Julie also finds Richard had a keen interest in computers, which spurs her to get online herself. She quickly impresses Lawrence with her knowledge who has a lead on a bracelet purchased from Camden Lock Market next to the canal. Julie has another conversation with the canal trip guide, Mr Goodfellow, who seemingly knows a fair amount of about the case while Lawrence also garners information from Honest Jack and his jewellery stall. Checking her emails, Julie discovers that she has received one appearing to be from Lawrence, who couldn't have sent it due to not having her email address yet, and also mentions M.A.D. A second message arrives while Lawrence is at the house, undoubtedly from the killer. Returning to the canal, Julie and Lawrence stumble upon an odd scene.

3. Tarantulas in Trojan Horses

On the towpath, Julie and Lawrence discover Honest Jack and drag him out of the canal to find him with a number of drugs in a bag. Their investigation takes them to Richard Davis' computer and some encrypted files, as well as a phone number to sex worker Charmaine. The encrypted files turn out to be viruses, which leads Julie on to the case of 'The Surgeon', a virus programmer who has recently reappeared on the scene. Back at home, Julie finds her father has been taking to the internet, before receiving a phone called from a person named Scuzzy who knows a lot about her and the case. The clues also start to come together when Julie believes that Davis planted viruses on competitors computers, which provides a motive for a rival to kill him. Back down to the canal, Julie spots Goodfellow at the canal-side warehouse but is knocked out and tossed into the lock which is being filled up.

4. Beyond the Firewall

Lawrence manages to pull Julie from the water after a close shave with death. The following day, she pays a visit to Mr Goodfellow, as well as competitor toy store Dunstables to check up on the potential motive. Julie also gets a message to talk on IRC, where she discovers the meaning of M.A.D. from hacker members Scuzzy and Phastfind, who both warn her about The Surgeon who they have been keeping tabs on, and came across the information about the murders. Scuzzy also comes through with data on Dunstables who have been committing fraud and working in the drug trade. As the case begins to come together, Julie and Lawrence plan a raid on the canal-side warehouse where they are lead to a character named Jimmy who has a distinct love of opera which gives him away. Setting about investigating his computer, they discover bomb making instructions and Julie's address, which sets about a race against time to get home to alert her father.

Leaves of the Dead

1. Proverbs and Punctures from Hell

Julie and her father are playing charades, though proceedings are interrupted when she is called to investigate an inexplicable murder at the British Library, with the body being discovered at closing time. Marks on the body reveal a pair of puncture marks on the neck which are revealed to have paralysed the victim without anyone else in the library noticing. His name is also discovered to be Arthur Morton. The investigation also leads them to a Professor Baker who was also in the library reading up about vampirism at the time, author Amanda Thorne who manages to spot a person drop a small piece of paper nearby Arthur, as well as Doctor Faulkner who proves evasive. However one person, Stephen Arnold, proves difficult to track down and was the closest to the victim during their time in the library. However, events become even stranger when another body, disguised as a mummy, turns up in the Egyptian Antiquities department.

2. Stacks and Baps and Amulets

Heading to see the newly found body, Julie recalls to Lawrence her times visiting the museum with her father when she was younger, before discovering that the body is that of someone she recognises - a detective working out of a small police station. The crime scene investigator also believes that the man died inside the bandages through suffocation. Julie is also under pressure to get her father to the train station for a weekend trip away in Brighton, as the case begins to focus on the officer Grove, where they find he was suspected of selling information on police investigations. Stephen Arnold is also found and brought in for questioning, while the suggestion of a ritual killing proves to be a possibility. Amanda Faulkner also takes to performing her own investigations and proves to be slightly helpful, before Julie takes advantage of an offer from the museum director Phil Carter, though work calls at an inopportune time when Professor Baker is discovered dead.

3. Welcome to the Nightmare

After chasing a suspect who manages to display into thin air, Julie and Lawrence are left questioning themselves and the latest crime scene which features a significant number of amulets with indications of a ritual killing. As the night gets late, Julie heads back to meet Phil who reveals he went back to the museum while she was gone with the pair also encountering Stephen Arnold in the bar as well. With all signs in the cases pointing to the museum and library, Julie sets about getting a better feel of the building while Lawrence takes to visiting a psychic to glean any potential information. Amanda Faulkner also turns up again with suggestions on the case, while Julie attempts to make a coffee date with Phil though finds him unavailable. While talking on the phone to her father, Julie is hit over the head by an unknown assailant, and eventually comes around in a dark room and talking to a mysterious figure having been drugged.

4. Pyramids in the Spider

Julie's hallucinations continue, while her father continues to worry about why they got cut off, which leads him to set about making some phone calls. Lawrence sets about checking up on the museum and library, as Julie's brain takes her through interactions with a variety of people linked with the case. Setting about trying to get out of the room, she encounters the real Lawrence and begins to try and strangle him, leading him to hit her to get her off. Managing to get Julie to a hospital, she eventually becomes well enough to talk to Lawrence and her father who has returned. Getting out of the hospital the following day, Julie eventually encounters a music-playing toy which she heard when drugged and discovers a child kidnapping element. Setting about heading into the under-building heating tunnels, Julie and Lawrence find the kidnapped child before Julie sets about taking on the mysterious murderer Amanda Faulkner.

Murder West One

Episodes in this series feature four separate cases which are forty-five minutes in length.

1. A Cure for Death

Lawrence is celebrating his birthday with a party which results in Julie being dragged into performing karaoke. The following morning and with Lawrence entertaining a hangover, the corpse of a male African immigrant is found wrapped in a hospital gown and with a freshly stitched cut. Also, the police discover nearby a dumped vehicle which is found to have been stolen to move the body before breaking down, they set about investigating known criminal Jess Adams. However, managing to get into his house, they discover Jess already dead and surrounded by flies. A clue on a map points them towards Harley Street, and a mysterious phone call leads them to an acquaintance with a drugs angle. With all signs pointing to a doctor being involved, the pair set about speaking to doctors in the vicinity of Harley Street to find out about drug use in their areas of work. Julie gets to interview Dr Gordon Wiseacre, and catches up with him a second time after he discusses organ harvesting during a radio programme. While performing an investigation at another surgery of Doctor Jameson, Lawrence gives chase on an intruder while Julie is hit over the head and knocked out. She eventually comes around to find herself strapped to a surgical table of Doctor Jameson who reveals his gambling debts have lead him to the body part business. Lawrence meanwhile sets about locating Julie when she doesn't return to the police station.

2. The Art of the Matter

Julie and Lawrence are called in to investigate the theft of the single painting at the Andrew Olson Art Gallery, which was taken by smashing a super-strengthened window by nitroglycerin. Initially believing it to be a contract theft, Lawrence sets about speaking to locals who have little further information beyond a smash and sounding alarm. Julie wonders about the chance of returning the picture, with Terry Richards positing theories that it may be out of the country already or stored in a bank vault as collateral. The investigation takes them to Johnny "The Tongs" Brickman, a well-known criminal who was also the subject of his house being blown up using nitroglycerin. Julie's dad also sets about taking in the art galleries and discovers that some works are more than initially meets the eye, and sparks an interest in art for him. Julie meanwhile has a surprise phone call from Johnny with a tip-off that a man known as Jack "The Whistle" Stephens could be involved as well as taking to questioning Andrew Olson again about any suspicious individuals having been snooping around. Chasing down Jack Stephens has him proving elusive, and showing photographs to Olson has her convinced that he is lying about facts of the case. When she also hears a man whistling, Julie and Lawrence stake out the art gallery to discover who exactly is involved in the theft, and find that forgery is also involved with the help of an artist.

3. Five Star Killing

At Mayfair's Royal Montagu Hotel, Julie is brought in to investigate the death of a woman who is discovered in the rear service area. Discovering that she was strangled, Julie takes to querying the security setup with head of security, John Manning, and questioning the dish washer Trevor Jones who discovered the body though proves somewhat over-anxious about the whole situation. The big question surrounds how the body was moved into the service area as camera footage rules out access via the back gates. Meanwhile, the coroner discovers that a large amount of alcohol and trace amounts of Rohypnol were found. Back at home, Julie has to contend with her father who is particularly bored and wanting something different. Attending the hotel again the following day, Julie absent-mindedly bumps into diplomat Jean-Pierre Renaud. Renaud reports that he saw a member of kitchen staff taking something outside, with Julie setting about interrogating Jones again believing he is hiding something. Eventually he is persuaded to reveal that he stole a bracelet from her body. Deciding on what to do for lunch, Julie is invited by Renaud to his suite and after a strange experience, heads on to the balcony to discover strange marks on the railing and traces of a Rohypnol tablet. Setting about heading back to Renaud's suite, Julie and Lawrence overhear him talking about covering up the murder of the girl with Ralph Bingley, though having to chase him leads Julie into the lift shafts.

4. Soho Espresso

Enjoying a night out with her father and Lawrence at the theatre in Soho, before heading to a coffee bar at the end of the show, the night is rudely interrupted when business owner David Simons is murdered above his neighbouring coffee bar. Setting about investigating, they find that robbery was not the motive as days takings remain untouched while the only odd thing revealed by his wife suggested that he had recently appeared to have something on his mind. Eventually deciding on looking for hiding places at the business, Julie discovers a paper with a list of apparent phone numbers typed. Calling each of them, they discover that they are vice businesses which David is found to have visited frequently, as well being told that he ran a pornography movie copying business, which seems somewhat unbelievable. His workshop at the bottom of the garden however turns up the rumours to be true, which proves a surprise to his wife. Evidence begins to point to the police looking down the wrong line of enquiry resulting in more visits to the seedy underworld. Julie's dad meanwhile is back at home enjoying his newfound interest in theatrical performances, though ends up falling while overexerting himself dancing. As the trail heats up with Russian woman Irina Ushikov becoming entangled in the case with her property development plans being stopped by David's shop, Julie has to cope with her father in hospital with concussion and a broken wrist.