Knowing Me, Knowing You

The series is sometimes also referred to as Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge.

Episode 1

Alan is interviewing highbrow novelist Lawrence Camley where he gets into a debate about the reality of Sherlock Holmes, and upsets him by treating him as a sideshow. Ali Tennant, feminist and therapist, is the second guest, and brings with her two patients - couple Peter and Linda - for a demonstration of her therapy method. However, he discovers that she encourages women to go out and cheat on partners, when Alan describes, in cloaked tones, his own marriage problems as an example. The final guest is Adam Wells, a figure of the sixties and businessman, who is on the show to launch his new fizzy vegetable drink in an edible can.

Episode 2

Starting today's show, Alan believes research indicates his show is a hit. Interviewing a nine year old child prodigy, Simon Fisher, alongside his father John, he questions his father about when he first discovered that his child was "abnormal" and if he ever contemplates having spawned a monster. American hypnotist Janey Katz is the second on the show, and spends most of the time discussing his trip to New York, while Janey suggests he is a clinically fascinating person, before hypnotising him. Controversial lawyer, Nick Ford, is the last interviewee and gets off to a bad start with Alan by changing his intro music and quickly gets into an argument about the technicalities of law.

Episode 3

First guest on the show is the second-best racing driver in France, Michel Lambert. Alan's first question probes whether he is bored by the same questions in interviews, before asking him what made him want to become a driver. He also struggles to understand his French wit, which leads Michel getting Alan to snort "smelling salts" using a ten pound note. Next up is fifty-three glamour girl Shirley Dee who struggles to stay quiet. The pair discuss her upcoming biography, with Shirley being played by Helena Bonham Carter as well as discussing her relative Uncle Dennis who was found guilty of murder. The final guest is Chris Lester, a man held hostage in Liberia during a civil war, who gets to meet his cell mate.

Episode 4

Alan shills his new book, before going on to welcome the first guest: the Duchess of Stranraer. Questioning what she actually does, he tries to wrangle out a personal invite to spend the night at her vast estate. She is followed by impressionist Steve Thompson who is on to talk about alternative comedy, though has to resort to his comedy impressions he is better know for, though mimicking Alan ends in upset. The final guest is former leader of Norwich council and now junior housing minister, Sandra Peaks, who has a scandal of taking two seventeen year old boys on holiday with her. Inviting the two lads on the show, Alan takes to bribing them to reveal the dirt.

Episode 5

Broadcasting from live from Las Vegas alongside glamorous co-host Kendall Ball. Alan's first guests are star couple Sally Hoff and Conrad Knight where they discuss Sally's family problems and Conrad's support for communism. New York comedian Bernie Rosen follows and spends most of the time talking nonsense and refusing to answer any questions. However, being from a Jewish background has Alan asking for a Jewish joke and reciting his own anti-Jewish one. Last up is professional gamble Jack 'the Black Cat' Colson who upsets Alan when he denigrates fools who play roulette with a system, and ends up betting a thousand dollars with Jack on coin flips, before raising the stakes.

Episode 6

The last episode in the current series has arrived and Alan invites on BBC Television Commissioning Director Tony Hayers to take phone calls from the public. He is followed by two guests - television presenter Trudy Sky and fashion designer Yvonne Boyd - who are promoting a tree planting campaign. He is also shown a "woman's area" when Yvonne denies wearing underwear, and Alan calls her a liar. The final guest is eight-four-year-old maverick Lord Morgan who has just resigned from the House of Lords and published an autobiography. However, the man proves to be particularly difficult when he calls everyone an "arse" after drinking a ten-year-old bottle of malt whisky in the dressing room, before promptly dying during the recording.