Lights Out

A Room for the Night

During a storm, a man and woman seek shelter at a lodge after their car breaks down. The pair introduce themselves as Count Laszlo and Countess Maya von Drackenstein to Dr. Benjamin who owns the isolated house with his daughter Esther. The doctor is accommodating and listens to the couple describe their own magnificent castle back in Transylvania and the long absence away from their homeland. Esther is soon introduced to the pair and their predicament, and is immediately uneasy at hearing their names when she recalls a newspaper article which informed that the count and countess were killed a week ago in a car crash. Dr. Benjamin and Esther take to arming themselves against the couple once they discover that they have no reflections, however their efforts prove futile, and the pair set about making a sacrifice to save the world.

Across the Gap (Neanderthal / Neanderthal Man)

A pair of tourists, including couple Jeffery and Kay, are heading across France with their driver Claude. Jeffery is looking forward to moving on suggesting he has an uneasiness about being in France as Claude suggests that early humans were discovered in the country, and offers to show them around caves where remains have been found. As Claude continues on with the journey, they end up in a car accident with the car going over a cliff though the three survive with some injuries. Kay heads off to find cigarettes at the car leaving the two men in the quiet, with Claude thinking he sees him as the weather gets particularly cold. He also comes to believe that they have somehow travelled fifty thousand years back in time to the age of the cave man.

Bon Voyage

Two elderly sisters, Emma and Julia, are taking a ride in a cab as they head to take a cruise. After giving the taxi driver a hard time about driving slowly and getting to the boat on time, they arrive at the dock to find nobody around though miraculously, a large number of people arrive out of nowhere to board the ship. As the ship leaves, Emma can't help but notice a large number of people remaining on shore are crying and waving white handkerchiefs. Once they are miles out to sea, they find that they are alone on the ship as the pair begin to panic about both the situation they find themselves in, and the murder the pair committed back on land. Eventually, they encounter someone - the captain - who recalls his own mistake which killed five hundred people and in exchange for peace in death, made an agreement with the devil to sail each year those that are damned.

Cat Wife

Linda is being loud and boisterous with her friends as her husband John attempts to work as he is distracted by their cat-like yowling and screeching, resulting in him kicking out her friends and leaving her angry. The argument devolves into John suggesting he is done with her while she claims she only married her husband to get out of working a bad job. As the argument turns physical, Linda resorts to scratching her husband as he realises that he has married a cat. Linda soon completes her transformation into a cat leaving John distraught at the loss of his wife and him seeking help from his friend - a doctor - who can only suggest informing the authorities of the event. However, realising that his marital problems could be solved by the transformation, his life becomes a struggle as he is unable to understand his wife's meows and the questioning of his wife's whereabouts from neighbours.

The Coffin in Studio B

A man, Fritz, threatens to cut the throat of another, Ed Henley, as part of a rehearsal for a radio production as he continues to demand an answer. The production crew however are unhappy with Fritz's performance claiming he is not murderous enough. A man turns up at the studio and enters the recording booth where he begins to attempt to sell them a casket from a catalogue where he claims Ed will be needing a casket soon enough. Eventually picking out a coffin to get rid of him, production staff member George fails to see him leave despite him leaving the door he just entered. With Fritz and Ed ready to perform, the pair begin to act out their scene live with Fritz pulling out the knife and becoming the murderer his part intended - as the coffin salesman returns with the delivery of Ed's coffin.

Death Robbery

Ed, David, and his wife Ruth are scientists who are discussing their work, with David's of particular interest as he continues his experiments on monkeys which is proceeding well. The work involves bringing the animal back to life and their is suggestion that they are ready to move on, with Ed questioning the moral stance of bringing back the deceased. Shortly after, Ruth is killed in a car accident with David keen on Ed helping him bring back Ruth - something that she wanted. With David intent on bringing back his wife or ending his own life, they proceed with the process. The procedure proves to be successful and Ruth is awoken, though the two men find that Ruth is not the same person she was.

The Dream

University lecturer Del Hall is an accused murderer and set in court awaiting the verdict on whether he will be given a death sentence. He struggles to clear his mind as he remembers the events that lead up to him being arrested, which begins with a discussion he was having where he recalls never having had a dream. He goes on to have one where he is encouraged to kill by a female supernatural being, but he has no clue as to who and why. The voices he also encountered also begin to plague his real life resulting in an incident in a restaurant while with his friend Mary. Taking to visiting Mary in the evening as he struggles with his mental state, he finds that the voices return with avengeance resulting in him strangling his friend before heading to trial.


Fifty French women from a village face execution by the Nazi's after an officer is injured by shooting reportedly by a woman, though no one comes forward when to admit their guilt, resulting in the mass punishment. As the executions continues as darkness approaches, the Nazi's find that each of the women laughs before each of the hangings. Eventually, the Nazi's come to realise that each of the women being hanged are the same. The situation causes panic as she takes to talking with the captain to encourage him to continue hanging her to obtain his vengeance. As the same women continues to appear and explain her intention, the captain ponders whether he is going mad, while the following morning the execution scaffold is burned and the bodies are gone.

The Flame

Arnie Douglas is talking with his friend Sam who believes Arnie to be the happiness man in the world as he has prepares to marry his sister Barbara. Sam however questions he will grow up as Arnie chases fires and a belief that the flames of a fire are alive. The situation has Sam questioning whether his interest will jeopardise his marriage with Barbara. Being left alone for the night, Arnie becomes mesmorised by the burning fire where he finds he is able to summon a being from the flames, resulting in him burning his hands. When Barbara turns up the following morning, Arnie appears unwell as he is haunted by the flame which is now able to communicate with him - though remains unseen by anyone else - as Arnie begs Barbara to leave him forever for fear of her safety. The flame begins to target Barbara by setting fire to buildings around town and resulting in death and destruction, while driving Arnie to insanity.

Ghost on the Newsreel Negative

Barnett and Witt are driving to a remote location known as the Ghost Barn. Eventually arriving at a half-way point between two towns, they arrive at a dilapidated building which is reportedly haunted, where they hope to make newsreel negatives for publication, but are surprised by another strange man at the location questioning what they are doing there. The man goes on to reveal he is the ghost which haunts the area, with Mr Barnett setting about interviewing him and taking pictures. The pair also find he has a ghostly sister, Ellie, who they are also attempt to interview though they find that when turning their light on that nobody is there. Heading back to their office, they are confronted by their boss who demands to know why he has received a phone call from the man they were expecting to meet at the Ghost Barn claiming Barnett and Witt never arrived.

Haunted Cell

A man, Maxi, is arrested during a robbery of a filling station after previously murdering a police officer the week before. Arrested by the officer's partner Miller, the man is interrogated back at the station including being beaten with a hose, he is eventually placed in the "haunted cell" with the suggestion that the experience will change his mind on whether to come clean. He is told to expect a visit from Skeeter Dempsey, the only other resident of the cell wing before being left in the dark. Skeeter promptly begins to talk and lighting a match, Maxi discovers he is unable to see the source of the voice. Eventually calming down, the pair begin to talk with Skeeter suggesting to Maxi that he won't escape this charge alive with his options being able to be killed by the law or by his own hand.

He Dug It Up

Mr Jeffrey, a gardener who names his plants and other objects in the garden, takes to adding a new plant to his garden. Coming across a large stone buried in the location of his latest shrub, he manages to uncover more of the stone where he discovers it looks to be a Roman coffin. Intent on digging it up, despite his housekeeper Mrs Gracie's suggestion that he cover it over and forget about it, he obtains help and has the item lifted. Mrs Gracie shrieks that it should be put back in the ground, leading her to get in the way of the removal work, where she is ultimately crushed by the heavy coffin. With the coffin removed to the nearby church, the gardener sets about taking a look inside where Mr Jeffrey finds that whatever it holds may not be dead.

Heavenly Jeep

A captain and sergeant pair are travelling along a road in their vehicle and discussing their previous lives, however the captain gets an uneasy feeling about the road they are continuing on. The captain decides on taking another less travelled route and the pair end up hitting a landmine resulting in injury and damage to their vehicle. Stuck in the situation as night falls, the pair find themselves discussing the stars before they are visited by their enemy as machine gun fire begins. The pair come round to find themselves initially in complete darkness, before finding themselves free of their bodies and coming to believe that they are dead. As the pair venture into space, they encounter a woman who has also died recently and believe their future will be travelling to see the stars.

It Happened

While out on a school trip in Paris, Jean Taylor is a rich girl who is lagging behind the rest of the group. Her teacher confronts her and the two end up bickering with Jean running off into the city alone. She soon encounters a man, Sam Edwards, who claims to know her father and is willing to show her round the non-tourist side of the city to which Jean quickly agrees. Sam leads her down a street to an old house and discovers that the man is actually a kidnapper who intends to hold her for ransom and locks her in a room. Sam reveals that he is performing revenge on money Jean's father took from him and has waited two years to exact his plan, though Jean manages to escape by hitting him with a candlestick. However, escape from the locked room proves difficult and she resorts to dwelling the sewers of Paris when she encounters another man named Louis who wishes to show her his work.

Knock at the Door

A young woman, Ella, has had fears of death since her childhood. She goes on to marry Jay who is tied to his mother however Jay's mother is unimpressed at him bringing home a woman. When Ella arrives moves in to the home, Ella is made to always feel a guest in the house. Unable to cope no further, Ella decides on pushing her mother-in-law down the basement well in the hope of everything belonging to her, though the act doesn't solve her problems. Eventually coming to the conclusion that she has to kill Jay as well to ensure her freedom, though her plans are ruined by the appearance of her mother-in-law as an apparition and the noises she begins to make in the house. The situation eventually causes Ella to hallucinate repeated hauntings by her mother-in-law who continues to appear dripping wet and cold, driving her to further insanity such that she plans to hang herself.

The Fast One (Speed)

The police are left stumped by the theft from twenty-five stores in thirty minutes with no witnesses and in broad daylight, which also results in two people being killed after being knocked over. Mark Fenn, a private detective, is tasked with solving the crime and comes to believe that it is the work of only one man. He finds himself speaking with Dr Bellini, a man shows him the workings of a potion which can speed a man up such that no one can see him. Impressed at the ability, Fenn sets about joining Bellini as the pair wreak havoc on the city and quickly steal ten million dollars. However, the pair also find that the attempt to use a concentrated variety ages them rapidly and the two quickly die of old age.

Little Old Lady (Mrs Kingsley's Report)

Alice and Lona are heading out to Alice's Aunt Harriet's house by car, though the long journey is taking its toll. Having not seen her aunt in ten years, Alice also reveals that she hasn't informed her aunt that they are coming as they attempt to find the remote house. A tire blows with only a short distance left to travel and the pair set out on foot as the darkness starts to descend along with a mist. Eventually arriving at the house, they eventually get Aunt Harriet to answer the door where they find a little old lady who eventually remembers her niece. In the house, they find a large cat lurking in the dark corner thoug Aunt Harriet is less than keen on talking about it. Setting about showing the girls to their room, Alice finds her aunt refuses to answer any of their questions before bidding them good night as she comes to the conclusion the house is oppressive.

Meteor Man (The Hungry Ones)

Couple Russell and Diane head outside to stargaze, when she sees a number of bright shooting stars and as they continue to fall, one crashes into a nearby field. The pair head out into the field in the hope of finding it and when Russell does, Diane begins to have uneasy feelings. Taking the rock back to the house, Russell sets about opening it in an effort to study it, where they discover flesh which promptly begins to grow. The being begins to talk and goes on to describe how it is the first of many to reach the Earth. The being reveals it has a hunger which has driven it to travel across space as their type seek new "cattle", with the intention of keeping human women as food. It also has the ability to mind control and takes to persuading Diane to fall under its grasp, leading Russell to kill it, and begin worrying about whether more beings will turn up.

Money, Money, Money (Three Thousand Dollars)

Tony has an insatiable appetite to obtain money by any means necessary and discovers that his friend has won three thousand dollars on the lottery. After working very hard his whole life, he looks forward to providing for his family and offers to give Tony a share, though Tony is keen on obtaining the whole share when he stabs his friend and throws him into the water from the dock. After spending the night drinking and buying rounds in a local bar, he returns home to find that someone has been looking for him. Setting about escaping as the authorities also begin investigating, he is offered the chance to join a gold-recovery ship heading to Ireland and the promise of thousands of dollars worth of gold proves too much to refuse.

Murder Castle

Young woman Ella Malone heads to see Mr Stewart as she responds to an advertisement for a secretary to help him in his large mansion. Split across multiple floors, he is in the process of remodeling the basement in the house which has lots of long corridors and empty rooms, while Ella will have full access to his personal matters. Mr Stewart has two daughters which he suggests are studying upstairs, though quickly dismisses talk of them, as he shows Ella to her room before promptly locking her in. It isn't long before another woman turns up looking for a housekeeping job after seeing his advertisement who he goes on to throw her into his newly poured concrete basement floor. Another advertisement for a secretarial position sees Betty Ray turn up at the house who reveals that her sister was Ella Malone and she has come to find out what has happened to her after visiting Stewart's mansion.

Murder in the Script Department

In the script department of a radio station, typists Bernise and Mary are reprimanded by their boss for an apparent quarrel and as volunteered by her to stay late and work overtime as everyone else leaves for the day. Having to type scripts for the Lights Out horror series, Mary remarks that she dislikes having to type scary stories while soon both girls find their typewriters have jammed. Becoming frightened, Mary attempts to leave though finds the door to the office locked and the telephones have been disconnected. As the lights in the building begin to go out, the typewriters begin to type and the desks begin to move by themselves, leading Mary to pass out. As the pair remain stuck overnight in the dark and frightened, the reason for their situation is revealed the following morning.

Nature Study

Out on a nature study, a number of students and their tutor head down into a canyon. The majority narrowly avoid being hit by a rockslide, though one student referred to by her teacher as Miss Garde is badly injured and stuck under some rocks. Eventually managing to clear enough rocks, she declares with her dying breath to the murder of her husband. A fellow student recalls that they had discussed Miss Garde's work in a nightclub and also not particularly liking her husband. Meanwhile, the remaining group find themselves blocked in the canyon with no easy means of escape. Another student attempts to climb out of the canyon to find help, however losses his grip and falls. With his dying breath, he reveals he himself committed murder with the death of his brother leading the remaining to realise they are where they are due to past murders they each committed.

Oxychloride X (The Hole)

Gifted laboratory student Ray Stewart is rejected for membership by a fraternity when they fail to agree with his ambitious nature and keen attitude toward being notable. With Ray seeing his dream of joining a fraternity disappear, his resulting frustration and anger leads to him breaking into the science lab to concoct a chemical. His professor catches him in the process with threats to throw him out of the university, though Ray manages to complete his work in time and has created a corrosive substance that is capable of eating anything. The liquid manages to crack its container and begins to corrode through the Earth starting with the destruction of the university buildings. As the hole continues to grow larger and deeper, society begins to disintegrate resulting in Ray being thrown into the hole by an angry mob.

Poltergeist (Gravestone)

At Christmas, roommates Edna, Florence, and Kay have taken a trip out to the countryside as the snow begins to fall again. With heavy drifts blocking the road, they are left by their driver to finish their journey on foot. Excited at their trip, Kay takes to dancing in joy in the snow but trips over a rocket which is revealed to be a gravestone in a small ampitheatre. Edna turns hysterical and references her father telling her about a poltergeist which is awakened when a person dances on their grave, before heading away, though she is badly injured by a rock thrown from the direction of the graveyard. The three manage to make it to the hotel where Edna is treated by a doctor who has questions about who threw the rock while Florence and Kay attempt to work out exactly what happened themselves. It isn't long however before Edna's life is taken from her by the supernatural force.

Prelude to Murder

Musical maestro, Alex Nadova, refuses to agree to his orchestra to play a concert for a man who continues to call him though he also has other problems with his wife Catherine having gained a new male friend named David. His jealousy over the young, attractive man continues to build as his belief that his wife is cheating on him is bolstered. Catherine also insists they delay a trip away for a month due to a charity drive she is participating in along David, which further exacerbates the situation as his musicians become irritated at his ongoing strangeness and paranoia. Alex sets about visiting David with the thought in his head that everyone is laughing at him, and decides on fetching a revolver to kill him and Catherine when she turns up at the door.

Profits Unlimited

Miss Corday is heading via boat to trace her family and see her grandfather, Pierre, who she believes lives on a remote island. She struggles to gain any information from Mr Williams who is rowing the boat, and eventually arriving, she discovers that her family owns factories which were built hundreds of years ago on the island, and where the workers who live there knew nothing but work. With Mr Williams going on to reveal that her grandfather is dead, Miss Corday discovers that she now owns the island as the last remaining Corday. Miss Corday attempts to talk to one of the younger workers, but finds he has been brainwashed into only thinking about work, as she orders Mr Williams to have the factory closed. However, the plan to simply lock the doors proves lacking while Miss Corday's attempts to reason with them about their lives also fails.

Reunion After Death

Adam struggles to leave his wife Diane's grave after her death as darkness begins to fall, despite his friends Christian and Basil encouraging him that he must move on from now. Eventually working up the ability to leave, Christian questions what he has in his hand to which Adam reveals he picked some red roses from her grave, though he decides on throwing it away. Basil reveals that there is an old superstition that flowers picked from a grave and thrown away will cause the spot to be haunted by the dead. Attempting to locate the flower, Adam begins to hear strange howls and believes he sees his wife, leading him to believe she will come back every night. Adam remains heartbroken, but eventually remarries to a woman named Evelyn who refuses to be amicable towards Christian and Basil, leading him to set about returning to the spot his wife haunts seven years later to see if she waited for him.

Revolt of the Worms

The Rocket Ship (A False Prophecy)

In the year 2000, the three crewman of the XR-1 moon mission are on their return home. Head of the mission, the Doctor, notes that the surface is covered in craters similar to those left by atom bombs in the test sites of the New Mexico desert which is in contrast to the joy and happiness of the other men, Major Russell and Reynolds. As they are in the final hours of their journey, they find that there is no radio contact with home but put the issue down to a technical problem. Their talk turns to nuclear power development after the war with the Doctor pondering whether their lack of communication could be the result of a nuclear war having broken out on Earth while they were away. Arriving close enough to see, the three men see bright lights flickering on and off and begin to receive communications detailing the events as they witness the fate of Earth.

Scoop (Cemetery)

Editorial columnist Sam Roberts arrives late to the newspaper offices where he works with the news that a new editor, Mr Briggs, has arrived and wants to see him immediately. Upon entering the office, the impatient Mr Briggs sets about firing Sam with two weeks notice as he believes he is too old to work in the industry. Sam pleads with him and even offers to work for free to retain his column, but to no avail. As Briggs begins arrangements to have more people fired, he hears a scream from his secretary who has seen Sam jump from the window. As Briggs heads home on a long drive, car trouble results in him becoming irate with his chauffeur who quits and leaves him stranded. While attempting to fix the problem himself, he encounters a man who offers help and is insistent on helping before driving him to a nearby cemetery to exact revenge.

The Signal Man

A reporter calls out to a man standing on the railway line from an overlooking position high above the track which sits in a deep ravine. Carefully heading down towards the line to speak to the mysterious man, he reveals himself to be a journalist working for the London Times. Writing an article on people who work lonely jobs, the pair go on to discuss his role as a signal man and the loneliness of the world he inhabits. The signal man goes on to reveal that he is being haunted by a recurring spirit which he sees at the entrance to the tunnel, immediately prior to a tragedy occurring. He has recently seen the figure again, fearing that another event is bound to happen, despite his sceptical nature of the supernatural. The reporter returns to the tunnel to find another man at the mouth of the tunnel, however discovers that he is investigating the death of the signal man.

Until Dead (The Luck of Mark Street)

Rogan is awaiting the jury to return a verdict on whether he killed his wife. Discussing the events with his lawyer, he claims a man named Mark Street is responsible for framing him, and when the jury returns a guilty verdict, rants that the man is present in the court. Swearing revenge as he waits for his execution date, he is moved to a cell with a mate, Rico, who he takes advice from on escaping from the prison from which no one else has ever managed. Together, the two men set about their escape though a disagreement sees Rogan kill Rico by drowning him. Eventually completing his escape, Rogan sets about finding Mark Street and discovers the man has apparently died the previous week - leaving Rogan with the only choice of getting revenge by attempting his grave.

Valse Triste

Two girls Laura and Dottie take a ride on a row boat together. Stopping off at an island to look at flowers, the boat drifts away leaving them stranded and lost as it begins to get dark quickly. Unable to agree on which direction on the path to take, the girls take to flipping a coin to decide. The pair eventually happen upon a house where they hear music being played while their knocks on the door are answered by a man who introduces himself as John Boyd. As the girls become nervous about the strange and apparently lonely man, they set about escaping as a storm draws in but find themselves locked into the house. Describing his loneliness to the girls, he posits that one of the girls will go away with him to become his bride while the other one will die. With the pressure of the situation, their fate ends up being decided by the flip of a coin.

Visitor from Hades

Sam returns home to find his wife Dora is talking with her mother, who promptly leaves, which devolves into an argument about her controlling nature and Sam grabbing his wife by the neck. After the fight concludes with a broken window, they discover that a strange man has mysteriously appeared in their house. When the landlord's daughter knocks at the door and enters, they find that they are the only ones who can see the man and they have no way of getting rid of him, as he remains seated in the chair. After some time, the couple realises that the man is familiar to them - it has the worst parts of both of them - and come to realise the purpose of its visit. With little other option, the pair attempt to discuss their problems and why they have come to hate each other so much.

What the Devil

A couple, Frank and Millie, are heading to Mexico with Millie having recently divorced her husband Sam and leaving him with little. The pair spot a dynamite truck on the road - the first vehicle they have seen in some time - alongside some signs warning of danger ahead though the pair push on as the other vehicle attempts to block the road, and results in themselves almost being run off the road. After the incident, Millie believes that the driver of the truck had no face. Eventually continuing on, they start to catch up with the truck again though find the engine cutting out every time they try to overtake. Frank also takes a look at the driver and finds no one, resulting in the pair setting about a different route, leading them to catch up to the truck again.