Living with the Enemy

Episode 1

Nick Reynolds, a left-wing former comedian is forced to take in Gyles Brandon, a disgraced Conservative minister when his flat is flooded by water from Nick's overflowing bath. Nick is surprised by the tiny size of Gyles' home, but stops gloating for long enough to offer him a bed. Gyles meanwhile is shocked and angry at the palatial size of Nick's flat in comparison and wonders how he could afford to live better than himself. Setting about getting to know each other, their opinions differ on everything with Nick revealing he forgot about the bath filling while taking pictures of fox cubs in the back garden. Heading out for something to eat, the pair have to contend with their differences on meat-eating and women, though their bickering is interrupted by Gyles' nineteen year old god-daughter Sophie who turns up at the door with a problem and also looking for a place to stay after her father, the leader of African country Nkundu, is deposed.

Episode 2

Gyles is awaiting the arrival of the builders to provide a quote on the repair work after spending his first night at Nick's. Sophie is impressed at the size of his flat, and is promptly disappointed when taken on a tour of Gyles' flat, and therefore sets about working her way into Nick's life to ensure she can stay. Gyles meanwhile puts off the builder from working for the next six months in the hope of scheming a way to allow him to also stay at Nick's. Gyles also sets about getting Sophie a passport as they discuss whether she is in danger from being targetted by people against her father's regime in Nkundu. Gyles pays a visit to a former political colleague to angle the situation in his favour, as Sophie insists she return to her flat to collect her clothes. When the plan fails, Nick takes Sophie to the Oxfam shop before eventually coming to the decision that the pair can stay with him.

Episode 3

Nick is irritated that one of his clients have been put off by a naked Gyles cooking Cumberland sausages in the morning, while Sophie is struggling financially due to her expensive shoe-buying habit. As discussion turns to politics, Gyles discovers that his ex-wife has spent a fortune on the shared credit card they still held, and purchased a number of body enhancements which leaves Gyles irate. Returning home later in the day, Gyles comes up with a plan involving burgling his ex-wife's house along with Nick. Sophie wades in on Nick's lack of action with regards to the burglary scheme, while setting about selling her expensive clothes. Gyles and Nick head around to the house, but their plan is thwarted by the neighbours holding a fundraiser for the Neighbourhood Watch and being invited around for drinks. Eventually managing to get away to break in to the house, Nick and Gyles encounter more problems.

Episode 4

Sophie is surprised by the nice weather though is still griping to Nick about having little to do, though Gyles is less than enthused about the pair spending their time drinking cocktails. Gyles is also irritated that Sophie is becoming more left-wing, though Nick sugests the antidote to that is to spend more time with his goddaughter. The trio end up heading to a posh art fair in Mayfair hosted by Charles Danbury and his wife Jana, which Gyles hopes to use to make a good impression with the richest of London and write a review for a newspaper. Nick's opinions go down well at the art fair, where everyone is surprised that he shares a flat with Gyles, who is having a tough time with his hosts and Sophie. With Nick keen on becoming more ingratiated into the rich community, Sophie accuses him of becoming like Gyles, which sets Nick about redressing the balance by putting Gyles name on the review which features some severe criticism.

Episode 5

Gyles arrives late to home with Sophie, who have both been watching filming of reality show Celebrity 999. Nick meanwhile has returned from Paris to discover the flat has been used to host a party by Gyles and Sophie and left in somewhat of a mess, and that Gyles' flat has been damaged again by water. Sophie meanwhile has been mistaken for an asylum seeker and attends a church hall for an audition in a show, but ends up getting arrested during a raid and taken to a detention centre. Gyles is hoping to talk some sense to the detention staff by pulling rank, which fails badly. The situation gets worse when Gyles tries to call in some favours, and ends up coming away with the only suggestion that will work - to marry Nick and pretend to be guardians of Sophie. When Sophie recalls where her passport is, Gyles and Nick discover their marriage was pointless and end up taking in Sophie's new friend Olga as well who Gyles is keen to make into a cleaner.

Episode 6

Sophie has news that she may have a job working a gossip column while Nick also has his own revelation of a date. Gyles is looking towards becoming a Member of Parliament again though discovers his application has been rejected. Intent on celebrating Sophie's news, the group encounter former parliament member Richard Power who has beaten Gyles to the candidates list, which has Gyles looking for vengeance. Richard's news that he is gay appears to have worked in his favour though Sophie discovers that his sexual orientation is not all it seems, and uses him for obtaining gossip on his colleagues. Nick discovers his date has been broken due to Gyles' behaviour who promptly gets into a fight with Richard back at the bar. Nick steps in to break up the altercation and ends up attracting the attention of Melissa who is impressed with his handling of the situation. The pair spend the night together before she reveals herself to be Gyles' ex-wife.