Andrew Steele



Series 1

1. Reunion

Former flatmates Bella and Bill meet for Lunch, and catch up on their pasts since they left their flat almost twenty years ago. Bella talks about her relationship with the "curmudgeon" which has broken up as well as her various careers as a proof reader. Bill meanwhile is in his mid-forties and laments that his teenage son Alex is becoming withdrawn.

2. Takin' a Chance on Love

Bella updates on her love life as she has started dating online, and has met two men. Meanwhile, Bill finds that his wife Cassandra is a snob when his son Alex makes friends with two Somali girls at school but she disapproves. Cassandra has some odd suggestions at how to improve childhood education and also contemplates motherhood as she is in her forties.

3. Carpe Diem

Bill talks about his month which has involved a trip to the hospital when an "elevation" is found in his eye, and he jumps to the conclusion that he has a tumour. He also laments the lack of sympathy received from his wife Bella meanwhile is still in turmoil over her two men, a doctor and a carpenter, and deciding what she wants to do. Bell questions Bill as to whether Cassandra knows they are still lunching every month.

4. Like Moths Unto a Flame

Bella arrives late due to having to feed her neighbours cat. Bill is looking haggard as he believes a colleague Nick is trying to sabotage him which Bella suggests may be cause to see a therapist. Bella's relationship with both the doctor, Daniel, and carpenter, Neil, continues as she questions why she has to choose, and she reveals she has also started a relationship with a lesbian named Alison.

5. Send in the Clowns

Cassandra believes that Bill and Bella are having an affair when his colleague leaves her an anonymous message, leading them to break up and move out. He also believes that she is seeing someone else. Bella's three relationships intermingle and break down, and she reveals she is going away for a while walking in the Sahara Desert.

Series 2

1. Humiliation

The pair have their first reunion since Bella's trip to the Sahara. Bella is having to live super-frugally due to money issues. Bill also agrees to go to couples therapy with Cassandra, though ends up asking the highly-attractive therapist out and gets caught by his wife. Bella also has a on-off relationship with Jason who is working in Berlin, after meeting him on her travels.

2. The Wonderful Guy

Bella has found a job working in an office for a charity, which she hates due to it having the usual assortment of office people. Bill and Nick also go out to lunch where they don't talk to each other, as the pair compete to not be the weakness by breaking the silence. He also has to deal with noisy neighbours in his new flat, and Bella's relationship with Jason is going from strength to strength, despite him being only twenty-six.

3. The Spotlight

4. Other People

5. The Whole Enchilada

Series 3

1. The Old 5:2

2. Crazy Cat Lady

3. Fractured

4. The Introvert

5. What a Swell Party

Series 4

1. The Big Thing

2. The Unlived Life

3. Lose the Scarf

4. Truth Games

5. Huge News

Series 5

1. Everything's Fine

2. The Perfect Schnitzel

3. Alpha Female

4. The Tapas Confessions

5. Room Service