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Series 1

1. Reunion

Former flatmates Bella and Bill meet for lunch, and catch up on their pasts since they left their flat almost twenty years ago. Bella talks about her relationship with the "curmudgeon" which has broken up, as well as her various careers as a proof reader. Bill meanwhile is in his mid-forties and works in finance, and laments that his teenage son Alex who is becoming withdrawn.

2. Takin' a Chance on Love

Bella updates Bill on her love life as she has started online dating, and has met two men. Meanwhile, Bill finds that his wife Cassandra is a snob when his son Alex makes friends with two Somali girls at school but she disapproves. Cassandra has some odd suggestions at how to improve childhood education and also contemplates motherhood as she is now in her forties, and feels time is running out.

3. Carpe Diem

Bill talks about his month which has involved a trip to the hospital when an "elevation" is found in his eye, and he jumps to the conclusion that he has a tumour. He also laments the lack of sympathy received from his wife Bella meanwhile is still in turmoil over her two men, a doctor and a carpenter, and deciding what she wants to do. Bell questions Bill as to whether Cassandra knows they are still lunching every month.

4. Like Moths Unto a Flame

Bella arrives late due to having to feed her neighbours cat. Bill is looking haggard as he believes a colleague Nick is trying to sabotage him which Bella suggests may be cause to see a therapist. Bella's relationship with both the doctor, Daniel, and carpenter, Neil, continues as she questions why she has to choose, and she reveals she has also started a relationship with a lesbian named Alison.

5. Send in the Clowns

Cassandra believes that Bill and Bella are having an affair when his colleague leaves her an anonymous message, leading them to break up and move out. He also believes that she is seeing someone else. Bella's three relationships intermingle and break down, and she reveals she is going away for a while walking in the Sahara Desert.

Series 2

1. Humiliation

The pair have their first reunion since Bella's trip to the Sahara. Bella is having to live super-frugally due to money issues. Bill also agrees to go to couples therapy with Cassandra, though ends up asking the highly-attractive therapist out and gets caught by his wife. Bella also has a on-off relationship with Jason who is working in Berlin, after meeting him on her travels.

2. The Wonderful Guy

Bella has found a job working in an office for a charity, which she hates due to it having the usual assortment of office people. Bill and Nick also go out to lunch where they don't talk to each other, as the pair compete to not be the weakness by breaking the silence. He also has to deal with noisy neighbours in his new flat, and Bella's relationship with Jason is going from strength to strength, despite him being only twenty-six.

3. The Spotlight

Bill is scheduled to appear on Newsnight and is rather excited by the prospect, while Bella's over-bearing mother is visiting from Seattle. However, a disagreement about her breaking up with the "curmudgeon" leads Bella to throw her out of the house. Bella also tries taking on Bill to prepare him for his television appearance, which soon gets cancelled.

4. Other People

Bella has been to an immersive theatre with Jason, but she struggles to tell him that she isn't keen on some of his avant-garde ideas, and the age issue rears its head as she hasn't revealed her precise age. Bill also finds son Alex has been smoking weed, and wonders whether it will be the slippery slope despite his privileged upbringing.

5. The Whole Enchilada

Taking some of Bill's previous advice, Bella asks for a pay rise for being a copywriter, and ends up being let go by the charity. She also decides to be honest with Jason, who breaks up with her after discovering her age. Deciding on asking Bill out, Bella's attempt is shot down when he reveals that he has heard from Cassandra who wants him to move back in, after she discovers a stack of bank notes in his bedroom.

Series 3

1. The Old 5:2

Bill is doing the 5:2 diet as he has put on a bit of weight whiile taking a trip to America, while Bella has a new job working with ex-gang leaders. Alex has also taken to playing tennis during their trip, having been taken under the wing of Bob, who is a poet. This leaves Alex wanting to study English, and Bill dismayed, thus causing the excessive eating.

2. Crazy Cat Lady

Bella's friend Oscar has died, which Bill discovers is a cat, which she adopted from a neighbour several years prior. She also avoided telling Bill due to his reaction to people with cats. Bill meanwhile is having an issue with his personal trainer, and tells him that he is dying of leukemia, to get out of training. He also finds that Cassandra is acting particularly nice towards him.

3. Fractured

Falling and breaking his arm, Bill has to wait for an ambulance while sitting glumly in a posh cafe and wonders if it his future when he gets old. Bella also has to deal with a visitor to her book group, while Bill talks about son Alex who has met a girl, though his lies to get her to meet him are quickly found out. However, Bill thinks she is interested in him when she keeps appearing at his cafe.

4. The Introvert

Bill is back on his diet, while Bella has met a new man named Guy which Bill suggests she is becoming over-excited about again, before the relationship crashes and burns. Bill also intends on starting an affair with Lanuta, the girl Alex met, but finds she actually needs a subject for his studies. He returns home however to believe that Cassandra is actually having an affair with an old friend.

5. What a Swell Party

At a party organised by Cassandra, Bill becomes more convinced about his wife's relationship with old friend Sam. Bella also attended, and isn't in agreement. Bill also continues to read into Lanuta's supposed feelings for him, and wonders if Bella is willing to start an affair. Bella says that Cassandra is trying to set her up with Sam, but is instead heading to Barcelona to meet up with Guy.

Series 4

1. The Big Thing

Bill and Bella reunite after her time in Barcelona, as she struggles to get back into the routine of things. Bill's attempts to comfort her prove fruitless however as she hasn't broken up with Guy, and the pair plan to move in together though Bella has some reservations about the impact on her lifestyle. Bill also reveals he has jury duty, while Alex is doing his A-levels and Cassandra has received another promotion.

2. The Unlived Life

Bill is writing a new book, and Bella is doing a first read-through which leaves her unhappy as she is referenced as a character. Bill has also completed his jury duty, which revolved around a kid being accused of armed robbery who want to convict him because he is black. Bill also recalls his mother's want of him to become a lawyer. The pair take to discussing whether the pair would have had different lives, including one in which they would be together.

3. Lose the Scarf

Bill decides to take Bella shopping despite knowing she hates it, deciding that he needs new clothes as she decries the rampant consumerism. Bella works out that a woman, Suki, he met while on jury duty has been critical of his dress sense, and that he has told her Cassandra died. Bella has also had her first fight with Guy, who has invited her overbearing mother over for dinner and believes he can handle her.

4. Truth Games

Bill's affair with Suki is still continuing, as Bella has had to put up with her mother staying for three nights, and has become convinced that her mother engineered a solo meeting with Guy, to poison him against her as he begins to stop talking to her, and spends hours in places unknown. Bill also discusses Suki's career as a stand-up comedian in grimy pubs, which he finds unfunny, and she is demanding he tell her what he thinks of her perforamnces.

5. Huge News

Guy proposes to Bella, which leads to her being delighted that he is finally talking to her again as they make their wedding plans. She also discovers he was leaving the flat to contemplate the future. Bill, Bella, Suki, and Guy also go for a night out to watch Suki's stand-up where Bella finds out that Suki truly loves Bill, though Cassandra has begun to notice changes in Bill and challenges him about the relationship.

Series 5

1. Everything's Fine

Bella returns from her honeymoon, and discovers a frazzled Bill is in the process of learning Russian, as well as his affair breaking down with Suki. Convincing him to stop attending her gigs as well, Bella questions how Cassandra and Alex are doing as well as his attempts to write his latest book. Bella also reveals that her honeymoon wasn't entirely perfect when an old flame of Guy's, Layla, ends up tagging along leaving her somewhat jealous and questioning of their relationship.

2. The Perfect Schnitzel

The pair begin their conversation with a debate on politics, which Bella craves as she finds Guy won't talk about issues with her. Bill has also begun to see lots of things wrong with his life, with his book writing struggling after advice from Cassandra. Alex has also fallen out with him after Bill threatens to throw him up due to him studying poetry, though his son gets a good response when entering a poetry competition. Bella also invites Bill, Cassandra, and Alex to a dinner party.

3. Alpha Female

Trying a new cafe, Bill is in a good mood as he is working on his book again. Bella felt the dinner party was terrible which was made even worse when Layla arrives at the invite of Guy. Bill wonders if Layla seduced Alex, while Bella is worried about whether Guy is having an affair. Bella also considers taking a cookery class in a way to become more of an "alpha female" like Cassandra and Layla, who took a severe dislike to each other at the dinner party.

4. The Tapas Confessions

Heading to a tapas bar for a change, where Bella decides against the cookery classes. Guy has left for Paris for work, though Bella is upset as knows that he will be seeing Layla who is also there as well. Bill and Cassandra are also having problems, as she announces she is leaving him once Alex completes his A-levels. Setting about seeing a therapist, Bill admits he hasn't loved Cassandra for some time. With Bella drunk, she questions whether the pair should finally sleep together.

5. Room Service

Bella and Bill meet at a hotel room, though Bella soon gets cold feet when she mentions that she received an email from Layla, which Bill suggests is to put her off the idea of them having an affair. His attempt to improve the mood with a poem falls flat, as he questions her intentions. Bill has finished his book, though wonders if he will bother to write another one. As the pair take to eating room service, they decide on how their friendship will continue.