Series 1

1. Holofile 117: Night of the Vegetarians

Mysterious deaths lead K.E.N.T. (Key Environmental Non-judgemental Taskforce) director Professor "Boffo" Nebulous to the last meat-free colony run by his arch-rival, Dr. Klench. The professor sets about spying on them, and discovers their plans to take over humankind with a highly-intellectual cactus from space. Their plan sets about ridding people of meat in an attempt to weaken them.

2. Holofile 154: The Lovely Invasion

Visiting the withered zone of the Midlands in search of whether it is capable of supporting life again, Nebulous is the only one who believes that everything may not be as it seems. A trio of beautiful, naked men land known as the Lovely, though Nebulous believes that they may be giant electric worms and sets about killing them before they can meet with world leaders.

3. Holofile 722: The Dust Has Landed

Nebulous and the gang head to Edgware when the nation is attacked by dust. They discover that a speck of dust is sentient and is so powerful that it requires the vacuum cleaner to be reinvented with the help of L.O.U.G.H.B.O.R.O.U.G.H. during which Nebulous meets his ex-fiancée, Erica Flazenby. Rory also discovers his interest in black helicopters.

4. Holofile 333: Madness Is a Strange Colour

Visiting the only remaining monastery, K.E.N.T. visits boss Sir Ronald Rowlands who has been at the monastery since a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile, Rowlands office is repainted in a new colour of paint - Garrow - by the Vartox Paint Company. Nebulous however begins to identify a wave of mental problems which have occurred after ministers offices have been painted.

5. Holofile 969: The Coincidence Machine

The professor's mentor has invented a machine which records coincidences, which threatens the world with "Coinci-clasm", which will cause reality to become a single coincidence, and therefore caused mankind to die out. Nebulous sets about stopping the event by way of contacting an alternative universe in which everything is "spelt different" and the decor is terrible.

6. Holofile 237: The Man Who Polished the Sun

The effort to get rid of the cold and drizzly fifth season, Hamble, is affected by the Earth becoming endangered by a dwarf star. Dr. Klench also escapes confinement, aided by Harry Hayes, and attempts to hold the world to ransom using the energy of the star. Paula meanwhile tries to attract the professor attentions by taking Rory's advice and ignoring him.

Series 2

1. Holofile 023: The Deptford Wives

Seventeen seemingly unconnected men have been found dead. K.E.N.T. sets about investigating and discovers that the men have all been recently married to a cloned "Deptford Wife" from the Deptford Islands, and Harry has got himself in on the action with a quick marriage of his own. Nebulous finds that the purposes of the "Debbie's" is to pamper their men which threatens to put the world at risk.

2. Holofile 993: The Buzzing

K.E.N.T. conducts an investigation into cases where the victims have sneezed themselves to death. Nebulous discovers the people have encountered a race of bee-wasp hybrids known as Bosps, and finds himself and Rory pitted against them. Things become worse when Paula falls under the control of their evil hive mind which are attempting to control the worlds pollen supply.

3. Holofile 316: I, Nebulous

Dr. Klench reappears and has a plan to kill delegates attending a galactic peace conference. He is aided by fire-based aliens known as the Infernons, and has planted his mind within the body of Professor Nebulous, who has been charged with ensuring the safety of the event, in an attempt to embarrass and discredit the professor.

4. Holofile 767: Destiny of the Destinoyd

Professor Nebulous, Paul and Rory takes a trip to a now-decommissioned moon base used in the cold war between Earth and Venus. Meeting a beautiful female ghost named Franabelle, Nebulous falls in love. Paula and Rory meanwhile have to find a "Destinoyd" who has escaped and is believed to be responsible for several deaths.

5. Holofile 840: Tempus Fugitive

Doctor Linda Adnil has developed time travel, and K.E.N.T. are tasked with performing safety checks, but find themselves travelling across three time periods. Rory is transported back to Woodstock in 1969. Harry travels to 7001 in a period after the "UltraWithering" where everyone has been reduced to a single body part. Nebulous and Paula head to 2066 where they meet the Professor's younger self.

6. Holofile 644: Last of the Present Sirius

Professor Nebulous finds himself stuck on a weekend omnibus of a reality television show which is playing on repeat. Eventually escaping from the show, Nebulous finds himself transported to Sirius, also known as 'Poodle Sphere Six', where he meets Controller Klavor, the head of the Sirius Television Network who reveals that Nebulous is approaching the end of his tenth series.

Series 3

1. Holofile 001: Genesis of the Aftermath

K.E.N.T. is struggling with funding, and soon hear from Dr. Klench to make matters worse, who claims he wants to be Nebulous' best friend. Meeting with Klench, Nebulous finds that he has met the Byborg who have persuaded him to no longer be evil by way of time travel. Nebulous travels back to 2069 to halt the destruction of the Isle of Wight.

2. Holofile 551: The Past Must Be Destroyed!

Nebulous has to return to Bridgeoxton, his old university, to solve the case of missing lecturers. Going undercover as a history lecturer, Rory pretends to be a media studies student, and they find the disappearances masterminded by the Infernons working alongside a history professor who is attempting to destroy the past so there is less of it to be taught.

3. Holofile 013: The Girl With the Liquid Face

On Pancake Day Island, K.E.N.T. investigates the deaths of delegates to an eco-troubleshooting conference. The situation leads Nebulous to battle the legendary Kraken, while Paula is shocked to find she is a hybrid human and daughter of Atlantis' queen. Klench meanwhile attempts to destroy the eco-summit using Atlantis' defence system.

4. Holofile 959: We, Nebulous

Rory and Paula return to K.E.N.T. after a trip away, and are quickly contacted by Professor Nebulous who informs them that he has been imprisoned in Biros Optimum Security Prison alongside other evil masterminds. Setting off to rescue him, they eventually find they have freed Nebulous' long lost evil twin "Spiffo" which forces the Professor to confront his brother.

5. Holofile 011: Rebel Without a Cortex

Nebulous are transporting a dangerous prisoner - a shape-shifting alien known as Yarwood - to Venus. However, it morphs into different figures with Rory having to confront a female Loverley when he opens the cell door. Now escaped, Paula has to contend with a figure of Nebulous himself, and the Professor is presented with his deadbeat father.

6. Holofile 703: Us and Phlegm

Most of the nations workforce is unwell, and Professor Nebulous is the only K.E.N.T. member still in perfect health. However, he comes face-to-face with an unpleasant alien lifeform known as Phlegmbions - a phlegm/mucus hybrid - leading Nebulous to team up with his childhood doctor, Doctor Beep.