Andrew Steele


Series 1

1. Night of the Vegetarians

A number of mystery deaths lead the Professor to the last meat-free colony run by Dr Klench. The professor sets about spying on them, and discovers their plans to take over humankind with a highly-intellectual cactus from space and which involves ridding people of meat to weaken them.

2. The Loverly Invasion

3. The Dust Has Landed

4. Madness Is a Strange Colour

5. The Coincidence Machine

6. The Man Who Polished the Sun

Series 2

1. The Deptford Wives

2. The Buzzing

3. I, Nebulous

4. Destiny of the Destinoyd

5. Tempus Fugitive

6. Last of the Present Sirius

Series 3

1. Genesis of the Aftermath

2. The Past Must Be Destroyed!

3. The Girl With the Liquid Face

4. We, Nebulous

5. Rebel Without a Cortex

6. Us and Phlegm