Potting On

1. Stones

Pam is disappointed at the lack of excitement in her life, and husband Gordon makes things worse with his rigid demand for order and the usual routine. They own a small, rural garden centre which features cashier Carol who is looking forward to attending a music concert. Gordon has an election meeting about joining the board of a bowls club, which gives Pam the opportunity to persuade him to go shopping. When the opportunity to go and see the Rolling Stones with Carol and assistant manager Dave, Carol rejects the invite to the bowls club meeting, but finds she is to be sat with the older crowd. Confiding in gardener Roy, she reveals she is upset at the thought of getting older and that she is not going to the concert, instead attending the bowls club meeting. Gordon turns up to the meeting in his “hip” clothes purchased by Pam and Carol, instantly ruining his chances of joining the board.

2. Taking a Break

Pam and Gordon tackle a stock take, as Carol tries to convince them to take a holiday in Ibiza rather than embarking on the usual trip to Swanage in a caravan. Instead, the opportunity to head to Montana for a horseback riding trip comes up, and Pam attempts to get the staff up to speed on managing the place while they are gone. Gordon however is reluctant to leave the staff alone, and is proved somewhat correct when Roy sets off the burglar alarm one evening. Pam sets about rearranging the duties in an attempt to salvage her holiday plans, and even manages to persuade Gordon to go for a beginner horse riding session, but he ends up injuring himself and requiring a hernia operation. Pam backs down and concedes that a caravan holiday will do for this year, but threatens a trip to Egypt for the following year.

3. Curse of the Pharaoh

Gordon has taken to spending all his time playing a computer game instead of doing the garden centre accounts, which he has palmed off on Dave. The others convince Pam to consider getting a pet to make up for Gordon’s lack of attention. Ending up with a dog named Marmite, Gordon soon finds himself being ignored and seen as second-best to it. Attempting to train the dog to stop him chewing on slippers, Pam enlists Roy’s help, as Gordon tries to contrive ways to get Pam to return the dog. He gets in to the garden centre office and eats the garden centre receipts, which leads to Pam, Carol, Dave and Roy having to make up receipts. Gordon appears and thinks Marmite might have eaten his computer game disc, resulting in the group having to take a trip to the vets, where they find no disc. Roy confesses to using the disc as a bird-scarer in his vegetable plot. Dave comes up with a plan to use Marmite as a guard-dog for the garden centre.

4. Wedding

Gordon embarks on painting the greenhouse with the aid of a mistake by the notoriously dodgy wholesalers, Waynes, when supplying the paint. Pam questions his use of Waynes when Gordon admits that they are also due to have five tons of manure delivered. The pair are also invited to a wedding by a snobby friend. While attempting to show Gordon her outfit, he gets paint on her new hat. Pam, Dave and Carol head out for another bout of shopping to look for a gift. She decides on a piece of garden furniture, and also sets about shrinking Gordon’s ugly suit to ensure he buys a new one. Again, deciding on saving money, Gordon heads to Waynes to buy a bench. The service goes well, despite Gordon’s taking of mountains of food to recoup some cost. The bench arrives via lorry in time for the group photos, with the suggestion of using the bench in the pictures. Gordon heads to a portaloo, which Pam uses to have him blocked in by moving a car. However, the delivery goes wrong with Waynes delivering the five tons of manure.

5. Flab

Gordon contemplates installing a hammock for himself, which prompts Pam to suggest that his laziness has lead to him putting on weight. She tasks herself with putting him on a diet, however also finds herself trying to lose weight when she weighs herself. The pair set each other the challenge of who can lose the most weight. Dave meanwhile is fixing the garden centre roof, and discusses his thoughts with Pam on asking Carol out, which prompts her to tell Carol to either go out with Dave or stop leading him on. Pam becomes suspicious when Gordon fails to do any exercising but maintains confidence in winning. At the weigh-in, Gordon wins comfortably. However, the group discover that Gordon cheated by weighing himself down with old lead from the roof resulting in anger from Pam. His punishment is to move twenty tonnes of gravel to help get him in shape.

6. Something for Me

Pam wins five thousands pounds on the Premium Bonds, and sets about finding ways to spend it with Carol. Gordon however earmarks a new office chair for himself, before suggesting a larger office to allow him to train Dave in the running of the business. Pam meanwhile suggests getting rid of the filing cabinets filled with 'confidential material', in which they find old golfing and model railway magazines. While trying to get on with some computer work, he decides he needs a new computer which will aid the business. On the way to the computer shop, they stop at a garage where Pam spots a sports car which she falls in love with, and subsequently purchases. Heading out to the pub for a drive by herself, she finds her time without Gordon lonely. When she also hears that the business van has failed its MOT, she concedes to trading in her sports car for a new van.