Quiet, Please!

This page will contain synopses for all known available episodes of Quiet, Please! The show is missing a large number of the more than one hundred which are known to have aired.

Nothing Behind the Door

I've Been Looking For You

We Were Here First

The Ticket Taker


I Remember Tomorrow


Bring Me to Life

How Are You, Pal

Be a Good Dog, Darling

Not Enough Time

Camera Obscura

Pavanne, the Girl with the Flaxen Hair

Don't Tell Me About Halloween

Take Me Out to the Graveyard


Kill Me Again

In Memory of Bernadine

Come In, Eddie

Some People Don't Die

Little Fellow

Rain on New Year's Eve

Little Visitor

The Room Where Ghosts Live

Baker's Dozen

Green Light

The Pathetic Fallacy

A Red and White Guidon

Whence Came You

Wear the Dead Man's Coat

Sketch for a Screenplay

Never Send to Know

A Night to Forget

Quiet Please

I Always Marry Juliet

Twelve to Five


13 and 8

How Beautiful Upon the Mountains

There are Shadows Here

Gem of Purest Ray

In the House Where I Was Born

Not Responsible After 30 Years

Let the Lilies Consider

Wahine Tahiti

As Long as I Live

The Man Who Stole a Planet

It's Later Than You Think

The Thing on the Fourble Board

Presto-Change-O, I'm Sure

3000 Words

The Third Man's Story

Symphony in Minor


Light the Lamp For Me

Meet John Smith, John

Beezer's Cellar

And Jeannie Dreams of Me

Good Ghost

Calling All Souls

Adam and the Darkest Day

The Evening and the Morning

One for the Book

My Son John

Very Unimportant Person

Berlin, 1945

The Time of the Big Snow

Portrait of a Character

Is This Murder

Summer Good-Bye

Northern Lights

Tap the Heat, Bogdan


Where Do You Get Your Ideas

If I Should Wake Before I Die

The Man Who Knew Everything

Dark Rosaleen

The Smell of High Wines

A Time to Be Bortn, and a Time to Die

Dialogue for a Tragedy

Shadow of the Wings

The Vail of Glen Cove

Dark Grey Magic

Other Side of the Stars

The Little Morning

The Oldest Man in the World

In the House Where I Was Born


The Hat, the Bed, and John J Catherine