Reluctant Persuaders

Series 1

1. Lemon

Advertising copywriter Joseph "Joe" Starling meets an old acquaintance who is also in advertising at a big company, and when his friend has never heard of the agency he works at; Hardacre's, he sets about improving the ailing companies fortunes. Arriving at the office to speak with business partner Kennedy, they discover him dead. Potential new accounts executive Amanda arrives for an interview, but is immediately given the job and sets about interviewing Joe and graphic design Teddy for their jobs. Planning on firing them, they manage to convince her that they can turn around the fortunes and use a commemoration event for Kennedy as a relaunch. However, the plan does not go so well as receptionist Laura tells a contact that it is Hardacre who is dead.

2. We Try Harder

Amanda finds that Teddy and Joe share their office with access to the only toilet. Rupert meanwhile reveals he has an appointment scheduled with a client for a pitch leaving Teddy and Joe working on a small project involving advertising jewellery for dogs. In the toilet, Teddy blocks the toilet and ends up flooding the office by his repeated flushing, resulting in Joe having to use his shirt to block the gap under the door. Amanda finds that Rupert has not arranged a pitch and simply just turned up, leading to him getting punched. Meanwhile, a plumber at the office ends up stealing their equipment, with Laura doing nothing to stop him. Amanda and Rupert return to the office to find the dog jewellery man, who also punches Rupert for previously sleeping with his wife.

3. The Best a Man Can Get

4. Vorsprung Durch Technik

Series 2

1. Live Young

2. Just Do It

3. Give a Man a Fish

4. Think Different

Series 3

1. Ideas for Life

2. Happiest Place on Earth

3. Connecting People

4. Because She's Worth It

5. The Appliance of Science


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