Andrew Steele

Safety Catch

Series 1

1. Show Me You Care

Simon believes he is a good person despite being an arms dealer. Working in an office, he believes that he can soon get out of the business and into his calling of electronic music. Colleague Boris meanwhile shows no remorse about his employment, and rationalises that they are also good guys in supplying peacekeeping forces. Simon also has to contend with partner Anna who is morally opposed to his job and refers to his office as the "Ministry of Death". Simon takes to planning his anniversary, though wonders what present he can get her. He speaks to both his mother, who approves of the job security and pay his work provides, and his sister who works for Oxfam, and despises his Simon's job for the suffering it causes. Heading to Ashford train station to get on the Eurostar with Anna, Simon surprises her with a trip to London as his anniversary gift.

2. A Wanting Man

3. Loose Lips Sink Ships

4. Whatever Happened to the Unlikely Lad?

Series 2

1. Brothers in Arms

2. I Draw the Line

3. If a Job’s Not Worth Doing

4. There Will Be Paint

Series 3

1. Better the Devil You Know

2. What’s My Motivation

3. Uncomfortably Numb

4. Unforgiveable, That’s What You Are