Series 1

1. Break-Up

Dave heads to the storage unit where he will be storing his belongings after breaking up with his wife Sarah and moving out. He meets a neighbouring storage unit renter, Jeff, who appears to be the complete opposite of himself. Sister Judy visits and questions whether he is living at the storage unit, and offers some sympathy. At work, he is then fired after missing a meeting. At night approaches he runs through an inventory of everything in the unit before closing the door to settle in for the night.

2. Househunting

Having been caught on CCTV, Dave has been told he can only stay in the storage unit temporarily. Starting to look through adverts for a proper home, his sister Judy arrives and he accidentally gives away that he is living in the storage unit. She offers him a place to stay in the shed at the bottom of her garden, which he rejects citing the storage unit as a better option. Dave later attends a party with a number of other ‘residents’ in another storage unit though only three people turn up.

3. Jobhunting

Dave is on the search for a job, and contemplates getting his old job back. His neighbour rings his former company and tries to convince his old boss to hire him again – eventually talking him into it with the promise of a architectural building designs worth millions. Realising his mistake of such grand promises, his neighbour suggests working the storage unit reception desk instead and tests Dave with a difficult German visitor. Calling his former boss, Dave comes clean and is still left with no employment.

4. Family

Resorting to counting floor and ceiling tiles, Dave realises that he has lost his motivation. At the suggestion of taking up jogging, he sets off and begins to have disastrous thoughts about injuring himself. Upon returning to the storage building, his father arrives to see him, and turns out to be relatively impressed with his setup. While discussing his relationship breakdown with his father, Dave finds out that both his parents had affairs but managed to resolve their differences. Spending the remainder of the day playing petanque, his father leaves with their relations somewhat repaired.

5. Dating

While playing a game of chess, Dave is still struggling to come to terms with his relationship breakdown. Sister Judy arrives and begins an attempt to freshen up Dave’s wardrobe in preparation for a date Dave has arranged. Facing an evening in with neighbour Jeff, he decides to go however just as he is heading out, ex-wife Sarah arrives. Requesting the guide book for where they went on their honeymoon, she reveals she is taking another man to the same place. Date Liz arrives and Dave heads out with some renewed confidence.

6. Leaving

Dave is grumpy after spending a sleepless night in his storage unit. Becoming irritated by Ron and Jeff during breakfast, Judy offers him a place to stay at hers which leaves Ron and Jeff somewhat distraught. As he prepares to move out, Judy tells him he will have to pay rent which he can’t afford leaving him uncertain again. At his leaving meal, Dave finds that Judy’s partner is angry at the suggestion of Dave not paying rent, and Dave comes to the conclusion that he does actually enjoy staying in the storage unit. Judy has also moved in temporarily due to her relationship problems.

Series 2

Episodes in the second series did not use titles.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

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