Andrew Steele


Series 1

1. Top Shelf

Alice and Snoo are librarians at Woodgrove Library, where Alice takes her job very seriously despite being scared of everything, while Snoo is a slightly confused and disorganised person with little knowledge of books. The pair try to work out how to get more visitors through the door. Regular visitor Dr Cadogan, a celebrity doctor to the stars arrives for help with photocopying of files of his famous patients. Alice and Snoo also fill out an application form they believe is for an award, but Dr Cadogan suggests it is actually to find out which libraries should be shut down. Alice also has to deal with Dean, a man she fancies who wants to stock adult magazines in the library. A man, Simon, is tasked with shutting down inefficient libraries also turns up, though his mission is one that he hates.

2. Mobile Library

The library is busy with the council happy at the increased use as Alice queries whether they will approve a building extension. Simon also has "alarming" news that he has discovered someone is sleeping over night in the library. Snoo arrives late, having struggled to park the ice cream van she has bought and hopes to convert into a mobile library. Alice being unable to leave the library due to agoraphobia admits to Snoo and DrCadogan that she is the one who has been sleeping in the library, and Snoo begins to wonder if she has wasted her money and gets into an argument with a competing ice cream seller when he accuses her of being on his pitch. Simon and his teddy bear also take to staking out the library at night to catch the intruder.

3. Tome Raider

Alice is finding that the books are wet, and wonders whether the building has a damp problem. Simon also sets about telling Alice that he loves her, but she ends up not hearing everything he has said and ending up believing he is gay. Dr Cadogan is also found to be licking books by Simon, and upon confronting him, he reveals he is absorbing 'spong', a drug-like substance which he deals to his patients. Simon resorts to banning him from the library, which leads Alice and Snoo setting about supplying Dr Cadogan books from her father's mansion, by way of a tunnel Alice has dug from the library. Simon meanwhile has to deal with various friends of Dr Cadogan trying to get a supply of spong.

4. New Romantics

Snoo suggests the library open a toddler group as part of ideas for funding, for which they have enough budget for two ideas for a week each. Dr. Cadogan meanwhile arrives and suggests more therapy for Alice, who now has more that forty phobias including poetry. Simon is feeling glum, and decides on quitting his job to become a poet, with funding provided by the library. Alice meanwhile struggles to look after the toddler group, and can't make it through Simon's attempted poetry reading. Heading up to the roof to sulk, Alice follows Simon to attempt to cheer him up and listen to his poem. She ends up falling off the roof however, and lands on a bouncy castle placed out front.

Series 2

1. Dewey Decimal

2. Ticks & Foibles

3. Taken at the Flood

4. A Fairy Tale Ending