Smelling of Roses

Series 1

1. Wise After the Event

Rosie Burns, owner of an event management company, has a job come in to setup an event aimed at customers with leather fetish's. She also has to contend with her daughter Kate returning from Kuala Lumpur, when she is fired from her banking job, who Jo, Kate's daughter, hasn't seen much in fifteen years. Kate sets about networking to find a new job, as well as going out with Jo for a drink and getting to know her. On the way to the event, Kate begins to wonder whether there has been a miscommunication and the event organiser doesn't actually want leather fetish gear.

2. Out to Launch

The company has to organise a book release event in Brighton for footballer twenty year old Lloyd Grattan and famous footballer interviewer Greg. Rosie is at a loss as to why such a young footballer would be releasing a book, though everyone else is starry-eyed at the prospect of meeting him. Jo wonders whether it is time for her to move on from living with her grandmother, while Kate looks for a way to get back into the fancy hotel which she currently can't afford. At the launch event, Jo finds Lloyd's conversation lacking, and Rosie is rescued by Bob from Greg.

3. Positive Thinking

Returning after the weekend, Rosie and the team have to organise a lecture event for American book writer Linden who specialises in self-help books, with the release of "No Such Word As No". Meanwhile, Rosie also has to reassure Jo about Kate. Kate meanwhile is hoping to move to London soon as she has a job interview lined up, and believes she is guaranteed to get it. Prior to Linden's lecture, Rosie has to help him when she finds him crying in his dressing room, and then has to deal with Kate who doesn't get her job.

4. Sleeping Partners

In Any Event is organising an event for a famous financial group run by a husband and wife couple, which finally has Kate interested in working for the company on a temporary basis. Jo suggests her mother is finally mellowing, but Kate denies it suggesting the opportunity to get away is the reason. Kate also challenges Bob about why he hasn't asked Rosie out yet, before heading out to see the boring husband of the financial group at his hotel, where she shows remarkable knowledge of model railways.

5. Survival of the Fittest

Rosie, Kate and Jo are working with another company run by Barry to organise a team-bonding event for an organisation. "Brilliant Barry", as he likes to refer to himself proves to be useless at organising, leaving Rosie having to pick up the slack. The team also has to deal with irritating womaniser Andy and wimpy guy Dick, both of whom fancy Kate, though the latter manages to strike up a friendship with Bob over their miserable lives. Alex's chance of winning a trip to New York, paid for by his company, is lost however by his own accord.

6. A Good Cause

Rosie has a meeting with Lady Helen to plan the organising of a charity event for woman in war-torn Afghanistan. However, Lady Helen's initial plans have Rosie running the event for free which causes negotiations to break down, though Helen later relents and agrees to the fee. This proves to be the start of the problems as Lady Helen plans to head away on holiday prior to the event, the person left doing the arrangements is an amateur and a radio advert leads people to believe the charity event is for Afghan dogs.

Series 2

1. Romance is Dead

Rosie is commissioned to organise the Brighton leg of a romance trip for geriatric American tourists, though she struggles to find the romance of the destinations. Bob is struggling with toothache and has to deal with eighty-four year old Alabaman ranch owner Chuck, though Kate soon finds herself being asked out by him. However, she ends up saving his marriage while Jo also hears that Bob has been set up with an American woman.

2. French Connections

In Any Event is organising an event to celebrate the twinning of two towns, one on the south coast of England and the other on the north coast of France. Bob also enlists the help of Kate, Jo and Tess to work out how to get Rosie to notice him, though their suggestion of trying to make her jealous with the use of another woman doesn't go to plan. Tess also has attempts to have a fling with someone, though his drinking too much means it ends before it begins, while Kate also has a disappointment.

3. The Comeback Kid

Tommy Tummy, a former children's television star is planning a comeback after fourteen years, though his event is competing with the release of a computer game. Meanwhile, Kate goes to bed with an agent in the hope of getting a job, though this backfires. Rosie concocts a plan to outwit the game event planners and ensure Tommy's event is a winner. Jo is left organising a singles event for boring Bernard Simpson, who specialises in pub quizzes and has previously taken a fancy to her, and contrives a plan to get Jo alone.

4. Trade Secrets

Rosie receives a call from a foreign industrialist who wants her to setup a commercial event to market a computer chip, however it must be done in absolute secrecy due to espionage. Kate also receives a call for an event to be setup from someone planning a private fashion show, while Jo sets about working out the details for an eighteen year old who wants to arrange a party for his grandparents golden wedding anniversary, though again it must be done without anyone knowing.

5. Bill of Fare

Organising a food fair being hosted by the formidable Lord Pickton, Rosie quickly realises that the invited television crew means the event is to increase revenue and promote Hinchcliff Manor. Jo also visits a friend, Vicks, who has a stall at the food fair which is make-or-break for her business. At the event, Vicks meets Lord Pickton's son, while the team deal with the marquee which is struggling to cope with the wind and discover than Lord Pickton is treating the stallholders badly.

6. Party Party

Commissioned to setup an event for the launch of a new political party, Rosie has to work for eighty-one year old multi-millionaire Sir Geoffrey who is targeting the elderly who he considers a silent minority. Jo is having issues with boyfriend Robert, who is passive and indecisive, and leaves their relationship feeling flat. Kate is left dealing with Sir Geoffrey's helper, who drives her to the brink of insanity, though Robert finally manages a breakthrough in being assertive. However, events take a turn with Rosie having to open the event.

Series 3

1. Private View

Kate has left for Hong Kong, and work has dried up for the agency and Bob warns of potential bankruptcy, leaving Rosie to take the only job on offer - an event setup for an art gallery owned by difficult and unscrupulous man Lindley Gore. Jo is still upset with Robert being passive, and when the artist, Charlie McGunn, turns up at the event and the two hit it off, their relationship looks under threat. Lindley sets up a scheme to con Charlie out of a larger share of his work, though he happens to be one step ahead.

2. Promises, Promises

Rosie is called in to organise a charity auction for a private school, though has to hand over the reins to Jo due to other commitments. Jo manages to get the wealthy, competitive parents, who aim to outdo each other, to provide the services up for auction, including a stay at a posh hotel and a flight on a private jet. The event goes exceedingly well and raises a large amount, and also works out well for Jo and Robert who get a trip abroad out of it.

3. A Closed Book

Jo returns from holiday, though doesn't have any of the drive to get to work that she expected. Rosie has to deal with a book awards prize for a conglomerate as well as work with a useless public relations agent who knows little about her client. Realising that nothing has been organised, Rosie takes to sitting on the judges panel to determine who will win the best book prize with two argumentative authors. Jo also considers what her next step for her and Robert is, as her twentieth birthday approaches.

4. Leading a Merry Dance

A Eastern European dance is trying to become the next Riverdance, and commissions Rosie to organise an event for its promotion. Jo also wants Robert to find a job, though he seems much more keen on taking his time. However, the organisers of the dance turn out to be crooks who grift their way around the country pretending to be something they're not. Robert also ends up falling foul of the pair when he invests money in their ideas.

5. A Cheeky Little Number

Work is again slow at the agency, until the opportunity comes up to provide event services for a wine tasting group. Jo is put in charge of the organising, and is torn between the attractive organiser Harry, and her faltering relationship with Robert. Meanwhile, Bob is able to convince a self-help guru to hire the agency to rework her own roadshows. However, his personality ends up causing the owner to decide to sell her company in exchange for volunteering in Africa.

6. The Queen of Song

Robert sets about finding a job after he has spent a large amount of time reading self-help books. At the agency, Rosie is tasked by a diva singer, Kath, who wants to setup an event to launch her career despite being awful. Bob is happy to take the money despite Rosie's misgivings. Wanting to get into the music industry, Robert sets about being a bodyguard for Kath while Jo tries to generate interest from the press. However, Tess comes through with some printed posters which manage to generate a significant amount of attention with the help of an inadvertent mistake.

Series 4

1. A Supporting Role

Rosie receives work to arrange an awards ceremony in London with actress Stella set to receive an award. She tasks Rosie with getting her curmudgeonly husband Crausby Grantham to attend. Bob is suffering from a lack of work and has also succumbed to being a curmudgeon in the office. Trying to get Crausby to the event, Jo and then Rosie try to come up with a reason to get him there though he is more interested with getting to know them intimately. Eventually getting Crausby to the ceremony, he rages at being dragged to London, before he gets a surprise.

2. Verse Dramas

An public relations highflyer, Morgan, tasks the agency with organising a poetry competition for a newspaper group. Despite taking on the work, Rosie doesn't trust Morgan, while Jo seems to connect with her. With Rosie handling finding a judge, Morgan discusses with Jo her plans to setup a new PR company and even offers the opportunity to buy a share as well as join the organisation. As Bob and Tess discuss poetry back in the office, Rosie heads off to stop Jo making a costly mistake.

3. Sustainable Development

Patrick, an attractive property developer is wanting to arrange an environmental conference to tout his green credentials, and tasks smitten Rosie with setting up the event. As part of the deal however, the agency has to be vetted by a reporter for a Brighton newspaper which will check out their policies on recycling. Meanwhile, Jo is visiting a friend who is staying temporarily in a apartment block before it is renovated. However, when an elderly resident is convinced to sell her freehold, the pair believe that Patrick's environmental claims aren't what they seem.

4. Talking to One Person

The agency is contracted by a local radio station, Radio Gleam, to handle its relaunch from youth-oriented output to that of an older population. Meeting with station manager Brad, Jo becomes smitten by him and begins an affair, despite him being married. Meanwhile, an aged listener Valerie wants to hear the voice of former presenter Kenny Truman again. Bob and Tess are left at the office where they have to put up with a protest against the stations changing format, and what it will mean for a popular disc jockey.

5. Going Back to One's Roots

Rosie Burns Event Management is contracted to help out with the launch of a new garden centre, which will be opened by publicly popular gardening television personality Bernadette Gittings. However, Rosie finds her off screen personality to be toxic, and discovers that she has mislead the garden centre owner about her fee requirements. Meanwhile, Jo and Brad continue their affair at his actor friends flat, where Jo issues an ultimatum that he needs to tell his wife about their relationship before she will tell Rosie. The pair also meet an elderly "neighbour".

6. The Comfort Man

Jo announces to Rosie that she is moving to New York with Brad as his contract is finished with the radio station. The agency also gets a job to organise the hosting of a fashion show, where she meets Henry, the company owner. Meeting with Brad, Rosie questions what his plans for the future are. Meanwhile, back in the office Tess and Bob talk about what they will do if Rosie decides to give up the agency, and whether Bob will finally ask her out. The fashion show goes well with Rosie and Henry becoming closer. She says her goodbyes to Jo, before receiving a phone call asking her out to dinner.