Andrew Steele


Series 1

1. Concert

Three couples attempt to plan their attendance at a philharmonic orchestral concert. Barney and Cathy argue about Barney's refusal to go to the performance to which they have tickets. Evan is also refusing to attend with Fiona as he prefers to to watch the football instead, and finds the idea of watching an orchestra "poncy". Alice is also enjoying some alone time with older partner David being unwell and held up in bed, while lamenting his age, with Alice hoping he is unwell enough to attend the concert and looking forward to going without him. As the event draws closer, David takes to dying his hair in an attempt to look younger, while Barney and Evan get drunk in the pub as Evan attempts to convince Evan to attend, as Cathy panics believing that Barney is interested in Alice, being determined to keep them apart.

2. Weekend Away

Cathy is arguing with Barney about wanting a weekend away in the country with Evan and Fiona; staying at David's cabin. Alice meanwhile has "lost" her daughter Maddie, only to discover that David has dropped her off at her grandmothers so the two can spend a weekend alone together with "quality time". With the two couples about to set off, Cathy and Fiona compete over their wardrobes and how they look, while Barney and Evan take part in competitive packing of the car before the two couples end up in heavy traffic as Evan constantly contradicts the Satnav before promptly getting stuck. Eventually arriving, Alice and David also turn up to fix the boiler where both Barney and Alice contemplate revealing their feelings to each other again. As the night approaches, the three couples eventually settle into a discussion which ends up men vs women which causes fractures.

3. Fundraiser

Evan is organising a school fundraiser event, and Cathy and Barney getting into an argument about whether they attend. Barney eventually loses, leading to them joining Fiona and Evan. Evan meanwhile has been spending some time with Miss Pringle, and has to get Barney to go along with his lie. David and Alice meanwhile are at home, with David struggling to work out the difference between Tess Daly and Cat Deeley, while Alice continues to lament marrying an older man. Fiona and Cathy spend their time talking about their relationships, with Fiona admitting to straying as retaliation, and also manages to convince Fiona to start looking around. David is also planning on buying a jazzy suit, to improve his appearance, as Barney looks forward to spending some time with Alice who has some French lessons up for auction as part of the fundraiser. However, the best laid plans don't always work out.

4. Barbecue

Barney is initially refusing to attend a barbecue at David and Alice's, while Cathy is intent on the pair of them going, though agrees to go at the thought of Alice being there. Fiona is also upset while going through Evans's social media photo album and realising there are no good pictures of her. David also has a similar problem, except Alice has no pictures of him at all. At the pub, Evan and Barney discuss their relationships at the pub, with Barney irritated that his emailing Alice is upsetting to Cathy. He also has to deal with David later on who is attempting to "friend" him with an invite to lunch. Fiona also has to deal with Evan publishing a video of her snoring on the internet. At the barbecue, Fiona attempts to put Alice off Barney, while David attempts to dissuade Barney from Alice.

5. Two Parties

6. Lunch

Series 2

1. Wedding

2. Funeral

3. Pregnancy

4. David's Villa

5. Glastonbury

6. Date Night

7. Christmas

8. Hotel

Series 3

1. The Third Way

2. Therapy

3. Tinder

4. Cathy's Dad

5. BnB

6. Friends