Episode 1

Newly-weds Vicky and Rav have returned from their honeymoon to their house which they bought from Vicky's parents who are now divorced. A quiet night proves impossible however when Lisa, Vicky's sister, turns up. Dragging Lisa off for a quick chat, Rav prompts her to forget about the kiss they shared at his wedding. Vicky's mother, Donna, also arrives to criticise the layout of the house. Uncle Bob makes it five and settles in for a beer, before handling them an envelope for a spa and hotel as a gift. Joe, Vicky's father who is divorced from Donna also turns up before they end up looking at the wedding photographs during which a picture of Donna and Joe kissing is revealed. However, Lisa brings up the kissing topic in front of everyone which puts Rav on the defensive. The "new" washing machine starts to leak leading the family to argue while mopping up the mess. Rav hears from his own father, enquiring as to if they have received his gift - an envelope containing a spa and hotel stay.

Episode 2

Rav arrives home to an empty house, which is soon spoiled by Joe turning up and settling in for some dinner. Vicky arrives home though dinner is a quiet affair with Rav as they find little to talk about, however Lisa arrives and invites herself into dinner, and begins to regale them with a story about a recent date. When Rav steps away from the table, Vicky talks to Lisa about the lack of conversation and worries they are going to be a couple that doesn't talk to each other for the rest of their marriage. Donna comes over to the house with Uncle Bob, which leaves Vicky questioning whether buying the house from her parents is the cause of the constant family disruption. Donna reveals she is seeing a man called Terry, much to Joe's dismay. The others spend the time in the living room discussing the world's longest kissing record. Once everyone leaves, Rav and Vicky come to the conclusion they are happy with the quiet times.

Episode 3

With nobody home, Joe is left on the doorstep until Rav arrives. Joe has a new business venture as a wellness party host, though decides to operate from Rav and Vicky's house. Vicky eventually turns up to query Joe, and ends up being roped into Joe's ploy which turns out to be aimed at convincing Donna he has changed. As the guests are expected to arrive, Donna and Bob turn up. Bob suggests that the plan won't work for long due to Joe's past job failures. Lisa also arrives, and is soon questioning her mum about how her date with Terry went, though Donna is keen for Joe to not find out. As the evening passes and no one turns up, Joe begins to lose confidence that anyone will turn up, though Donna offers encouragement by suggesting the family be "cleansed". The family enjoys the experience, until Joe tries to tell them a £90-a-bottle serum, at which point they discover he is part of a pyramid scheme. The evening devolves into Donna and Joe arguing when Joe discovers she has been going out with Terry.

Episode 4

Rav and Vicky set about redecorating the spare room, which means enlisting Donna, Joe and Bob's help to clear out their belongings. Sorting through boxes in the garage, Donna and Joe comes across bits of items which remind them of their marriage and family. Upstairs, in the bedroom, Vicky tells Rav she isn't pregnant. She has also been offered a promotion, but says that she doesn't want to work at the insurance company, and is regretting buying her parents house as their lives are becoming just like their parents. Suggesting they go through with a restaurant idea, they agree to sell the house. In the garage, Donna and Joe begin burning some belongings which spreads to Vicky's wedding dress. Joe manages to put the flames out with some overalls he purchased for a garage enterprise.